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Centre LSD Embarks on the Development of FCT Area Council’s OGP Local Action

….…..Drives Transparency and Gender Justice Initiatives in Abuja

Centre LSD Embarks on the Development of FCT Area Council’s OGP Local Action

Jerry Adesewo

In a bid to enhance transparency and accountability within local government areas, the African Centre for Leadership, Strategy and Development (Centre LSD) has initiated a significant two-day workshop to develop an Open Government Partnership (OGP) Local Action Plan for the Gwagwalada Area Council in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

This workshop, which began today, 13th June 2024, is part of Centre LSD’s project titled “Promoting Transparency and Accountability in the Governance Process through the Implementation of Open Government Partnership in Nigeria.”

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According to a press statement released by Mr Lawal Amodu, Programme Coordinator at Centre LSD, the workshop aims to produce a comprehensive plan to guide the Gwagwalada Area Council’s OGP implementation over the next two years. He highlighted that developing a detailed action plan is crucial for achieving the objectives of the OGP within the council.

Mr Amodu noted that the workshop involves 22 participants, including top council actors and civil society members who have been well-versed in OGP principles. These actors were previously sensitised through advocacy and orientation workshops, leading to Gwagwalada Area Council’s declaration of intent to join the OGP and its subsequent signing onto its principles.

“The open government partnership is based on co-creation principles where local government actors and civil society collaboratively engage in the development process to bring much-needed progress to the people,” said Mr Amodu.

Gwagwalada Area Council, which joined the OGP in late 2023, is the second local government in Nigeria to embrace these principles, following AMAC. The aim is to ensure governance processes in the area are open, transparent, accountable, and citizen-driven. Centre LSD congratulates the council for joining this global partnership, governed by the key principles of transparency, accountability, citizen participation, and technology and innovation.

In addition to its transparency initiatives, Centre LSD is also championing gender justice. On Tuesday, 11th June 2024, Centre LSD hosted a Grant Inception Meeting for the Side-By-Side Movement for Gender Justice Scale-Up Project in Abuja.

The Side-by-Side Movement for Gender Justice is a global platform that unites faith and traditional leaders as advocates for gender justice. Supported by Christian Aid since 2018 and recently receiving additional backing from the Ford Foundation, the movement aims to deepen its engagement in Benue and Kano States.

Mr Nyong Essien, the focal person for the movement at Centre LSD, stated that the Project Inception Meeting was organised to raise awareness about the project and bring stakeholders together for its effective implementation. Attendees at the workshop included religious and traditional leaders, key government ministries, departments and agencies, and civil society organisations that offer response services to victims of gender-based violence.

The Centre enjoined well-meaning citizens to engage the Centre LSD OGP Project through the various social media channels: Hashtag: #OGPOpenNigeria, Facebook: @centrelsd, Instagram: @centrelsd, Twitter: @centrelsd

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