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BRAVE-IT Warns Against Politicization of Plateau State Crisis

BRAVE-IT Warns Against Politicization of Plateau State Crisis

By Matthew Eloyi

In a recent press release, Building Resilience Against Violent Extremism, Insurgency and Terrorism (BRAVE-IT), through its Director of Corporate Communications and Strategy, Lawrence Audu, expressed grave concerns over the escalating crisis in Plateau State. The organization cautioned against the dangerous politicization of the situation, warning that it could exacerbate tensions and endanger the safety of security forces.

The non-profit organization, which is dedicated to combating violent extremism, enhancing security, and promoting peace-building initiatives in conflict-affected regions, pointed out the detrimental role of politics in intensifying the conflict. Specifically, the organization highlighted a statement allegedly made by an unidentified group called the Coalition of Bokkos Ethnic Youth Nationalities. The group purportedly accused security forces of exacerbating the vulnerability of residents in Bokkos.

However, after conducting investigations, BRAVE-IT refuted these claims. It stated that security personnel responded swiftly to distress calls during the recent attack, effectively thwarting simultaneous assaults on communities in Kopnanle, Mandang Mushy, in Mangu, and Bokkos Local Government Area. Regrettably, one life was lost, and two individuals succumbed to injuries sustained during the attack.

BRAVE-IT categorically denied any involvement of security personnel in clashes with vigilantes during the operation. Moreover, it rejected allegations that security agencies failed to contain hostilities, emphasizing their commitment to eradicating militia groups from the region.

The organization stressed the importance of de-escalating tensions, refraining from politicizing the crisis, and safeguarding the well-being of troops to ensure sustainable peace in Plateau State. It called for unity in supporting and protecting the military, emphasizing the crucial role they play in safeguarding the nation and its citizens.

The statement further urged Nigerians to unite in honouring the sacrifices of military personnel and working towards a safer and more secure Nigeria.


BRAVE-IT Warns Against Politicization of Plateau State Crisis

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