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Chief Williams Obande Donates 1 Million for Okpoga Community Transformer

...Calls for Peace, Unity and Reconciliation

Foremost philanthropist, entrepreneur and President of Williams Obande Foundation, Chief Williams Obande Obeya has tasked the Okpoga Community in Okpokwu Local Government Area of Benue State on the need to be united in other to form a more formidable force for the development of the community.

Chief Obande gave the remarks at 30th anniversary of Okpoga Day and fund raising towards the purchase of a transformer for Okpoga.

Chief Obande who was Chairman of the occasion, gracefully donated the sum of 1 million Naira for the project noting that: “We have come together for a purpose that is dear to our hearts. We are united not just in spirit but in action to support the growth and development of Okpoga community. Together we have the power to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of our people through the strength that lies within our collective efforts.”

The Owujoi K’Idoma averred further that: “Often times we are misunderstood, but as a people with representatives at all levels of the political spectrums we feel neglected when we see other communities in Idoma land were gifted transformers and Okpoga community has been in darkness for over two years.

“We have decided to take the bull by the horn and restore electricity supply to our community through participatory community development efforts.”

He commend the President General and the EXCO of ODC for their efforts noting that, the very essence of community development is coming together to lift up our community and people.

This he said, had been the hall mark and vision of the founding fathers and the remarkable progress they have achieved in uniting Okpoga.

Chief Obande used the opportunity to call for peace, reconciliation and solidarity among the people especially between the younger and older generation.

He said Okpoga people are known for respect for elders, unity, resilience and compassion but not for arrogance or disrespect.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand, the Bible tells us. Irrespective of our grievances, I urge us all to reflect on the vision of those patriotic Okpoga sons and daughters that came together with the initiative of ODC.

“Their vision was all about growth and relevance of Okpoga in the scheme of things. I want to plead that if you feel that you have offended anyone, no one is too old or too young to apologize as the words I am sorry have never reduced or diminished anyone.

“Let the healing process begin with this 30th anniversary of Okpoga Day celebration.” He adds.

He further appreciated the members of the Ugwu youths for embarking on the solar lighting initiative on the streets of Okpoga, which he said, is a noble act. He further called on all privileged sons and daughters of Okpoga to be promoters of SMEs industries in Okpoga community.

“On my part I undertake to mobilize all sons and daughters of Okpoga in the Diaspora to motivate them to be positive agents of change in their native communities.

On the issue of environmental sustainability, Chief Obande drew the attention of Hon Chairman of Okpokwu Local Government Area to the indiscriminate cutting down of locust beans and Okpehe trees for firewood, charcoal and mortar without replacement. “From my research these cash crops are becoming extinct and endangered species in Idoma Land. Our grand fathers planted them and our generation is the one enjoying the benefits without consideration that by cutting them down indiscriminately without replanting has negative effect on climate change and sustainability of eco-system in Idoma land.

“I urge the chairman and his council members to make by laws to checkmate these counterproductive activities.” He adds.

Chief Williams Obande Donates 1 Million for Okpoga Community Transformer

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