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Close family ties strengthen society – experts

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Close family ties strengthen society – experts

Experts say that the relationship between a parent and the child is not just unique, it lays the foundation for their behaviour, personality, traits and values.

They said close ties was important for families, to have a positive and healthy parent-child relationship for the development of the child.

The family is the bedrock of the nation, and healthy relationship and emotional stability of the children is key to the development of the society.

A vox pop conducted by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja revealed that some of the challenges faced in Nigeria today affect family ties and is the major cause of the increase in the societal menace we are witnessing today.

They said that children who are not close to their parents find it difficult to communicate and express their feelings.

Miss Nwoyi  Okpotum, an undergraduate, said she found it easy to talk to her mother about everything, adding that her mother knew every single thing about her.

“ I am close to my parents, though my father is late but am used to telling my mother everything about my activities even when a man approaches me,  I always tell her about it.

”This has helped me to stay focused and be of best behaviour, even when I make mistakes, she scolds me with love,” she said.

Mr Abubakar Musa, also a student, said he does not have close ties with his mother, that he was always scared of speaking with her.

” I find it difficult to talk to my mother because am always scared of her. I used to be close to my dad before he died,” he said.

Miss Ukah Grace, another student, said she does not have a close relationship with her parents because they do not make things easy and do not allow them to mingle with others.

” I don’t have any relationship with my parents, in fact, they do not allow us to mingle with our neighbours because they think we will be influenced by them.

“ It makes my life difficult and I do not have anyone to talk to and this affects my relationship with people,” she said.

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