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Collaboration and Public Involvement is Crucial for National Security – CG Musa

“Collaboration and Public Involvement Crucial for National Security”  – CG Musa

Jerry Adesewo

In the face of escalating security challenges, Nigerians find themselves living with heightened awareness and vigilance, attuned to the prevailing air of insecurity. OURNIGERIA recently engaged CG Musa, Nigeria’s Chief of Defense Staff, for an assessment of the current security situation in the country.

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General CG Musa acknowledged the widespread recognition of Nigeria’s security challenges, emphasising that the issues at hand have been persistent over time. He highlighted the ongoing nationwide efforts to comb forests and bushes, aiming to confront and apprehend criminals.

According to the Chief of Defense Staff, “the situation we find ourselves today, underscores a critical lesson for Nigeria – that security is a collective responsibility that must be fought, collectively. ”

He urged citizens not to remain silent when they observe suspicious activities, emphasising that the prevailing culture of silence has allowed impunity to thrive.

CG Musa expressed satisfaction with the increasing positive responses from Nigerians, emphasising the importance of public support in addressing the security situation.

In response to a question about the collaboration among security agencies, CG Musa highlighted the notable improvement in their relationships. He noted that “past issues of rivalry among services are now a thing of the past. The service chiefs are currently working collaboratively as a united front. This unity is essential, not only for effective internal operations but also to garner public trust and involvement,” he said, stressinh that a unified front among security forces is crucial for encouraging citizens to unite against common enemies such as terrorists, bandits, kidnappers, and other criminals.

As Nigeria grapples with the multifaceted challenges to its security, the collaborative efforts of security agencies and active public participation are deemed vital components of the collective strategy to address and overcome the current security landscape.

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