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Delta Safe: Embrace legitimate means of livelihood, shun illegal bunkering – Gen Abdulssalam warns oil thieves

...as troops clamp down on illegal bunkering sites

By Lawrence Audu

The General Officer Commanding (GOC) of 6 Division, Nigerian Army and Land Component Commander of Joint Task Force, South South, Operation DELTA SAFE, Major General Jamal Abdussalam, has once again cautioned vandals and economic saboteurs to refrain from engaging in illegal oil bunkering in the Niger Delta Region (NDR) and to pursue lawful activities instead.

Major General Abdussalam who personally led an operation targeting vandals and economic saboteurs, resulting in the raid of multiple illegal oil bunkering sites at Obama and Uzoma in Kom-Kom Community, Oyingbo Local Government Area (LGA) of Rivers State, during an intensified crackdown on criminal activities in the NDR, on January 31, 2024.

He emphasized the troops’ commitment to relentlessly curbing criminal activities in the region.

At the raided sites, General Abdussalam revealed that the troops discovered over 15 boilers, 9 reservoirs, extensive interconnected pipes, and other equipment used for large-scale criminal activities, with over 5 million liters of stolen crude oil awaiting processing. Additionally, numerous large Cotonou Boats capable of transporting over 200,000 liters of crude oil were intercepted en route to the location.

The GOC reiterated his call for perpetrators of illegal oil bunkering in the Niger Delta Region to abandon their criminal acts and embrace legitimate businesses. He described illegal oil bunkering as illegal, criminal, and dirty, urging those involved to allow the government to carry out its responsibilities.

General Abdussalam emphasized the significant resources, expertise, and careful planning required to set up the facilities used for illegal bunkering, highlighting that it goes beyond the capabilities of ordinary individuals.

Furthermore, Major General Abdussalam stressed that the ongoing crackdown on economic vandals in the NDR aims to dismantle illegal economic hubs and apprehend their operators. He emphasized that the military is actively pursuing leads to identify and apprehend those responsible for the illegal activities. This intensified effort follows the recent destruction of large-scale illegal bunkering sites at Odogwa in Etche LGA, underscoring the military’s commitment to combating economic sabotage in the region.

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