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Former Defence Minister Blames Nigeria’s Complexity for Insecurity Surge

 …Advocates for community-based security strategies

By Matthew Eloyi

In a poignant assessment of Nigeria’s security landscape, former Minister of Defence, Aliyu Gusau, underscored the nation’s intricate nature as a major contributor to the escalating insecurity. Gusau emphasized that relying solely on the police force for security measures was insufficient given Nigeria’s vast and diverse terrain.

Addressing attendees at the Community Protection Guard graduation ceremony organized by the Zamfara State Government, Gusau articulated the necessity of reevaluating the nation’s security approach. He stressed, “Expecting a single police force to patrol and control such a large and complex nation effectively is a very tall order indeed.”

Highlighting the grim reality of the daily loss of innocent lives to various criminal activities including terrorism, banditry, and kidnapping, Gusau urged for a holistic community-based security effort. He cautioned that while additional military deployment to troubled regions had been implemented, desired outcomes remained elusive.

Gusau asserted, “Strategic consideration should be given to creating appropriate support structures across the board.” He emphasized the imperative of collective responsibility in combating security threats, emphasizing that security efforts cannot be solely shouldered by law enforcement agencies.

Echoing Gusau’s concerns, chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, Chief Olabode George, expressed deep apprehension during a press conference in Lagos. George lamented Nigeria’s perilous state, describing it as being “on the precipice of total collapse” amidst a surge in kidnappings nationwide.

The statements by Gusau and George underscore the urgent need for a comprehensive and community-driven security strategy to address Nigeria’s complex security challenges, emphasizing the shared responsibility of all stakeholders in safeguarding the nation’s peace and stability.

Former Defence Minister Blames Nigeria’s Complexity for Insecurity Surge

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