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ECOWAS Must Reconsider its Approach in Sahel Crisis – Dr MS Abubakar

ECOWAS Must Reconsider its Approach in Sahel Crisis – Dr MS Abubakar

By Lawrence Audu

Renowned frontline security and counterinsurgency expert, Dr. Mohammed Sani Abubakar, has issued a compelling plea to the leadership of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to re-evaluate its stance regarding Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso in order to preserve peace in the region.

During an appearance on Africa Weekly on the NTA’s network service, Dr. Abubakar emphasised that the withdrawal of Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso from ECOWAS, coupled with the emergence of the Alliance of Sahel States with Russian support, presents a challenge that ECOWAS must address with heightened efforts if it wishes to reintegrate these nations.

He cautioned that ECOWAS faces a dilemma: either adhere strictly to its principles or navigate the complex landscape where these countries are backed by external forces and show no willingness to cede power. The situation, he highlighted, indicates the difficulty ECOWAS faces in compromising its core values.

Dr. Abubakar highlighted a significant misstep by ECOWAS in handling the situation in Niger, criticising the organisation for resorting to military threats rather than pursuing dialogue and consensus-building.

Abubakar further delivered a stern warning to African leaders regarding the suppression of opposition voices, citing Senegal as a prime example where such actions could sow chaos and invite military intervention, jeopardising the democratic process. Dr. Abubakar stressed the imperative for African leaders to uphold the rule of law to safeguard democracy from being undermined.

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