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Edo PDP Faces Major Setback as Stalwart Defects to APC

Edo PDP Faces Major Setback as Stalwart Defects to APC

In a significant political shake-up, Hon. Felix Godsent Akhabue, a prominent figure in the Edo State People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and a recent governorship aspirant, has defected to the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The move comes amid rising dissatisfaction and allegations of internal injustices within the PDP.

Reliable sources confirm that Hon. Akhabue, along with several loyalists, will officially announce their defection over the weekend in a highly anticipated event in Edo State.

Expressing his profound disappointment with the PDP, Hon. Akhabue cited a lack of transparency, fairness, and respect for democratic principles as key reasons for his departure.

“After much reflection and consideration, I have decided to leave the PDP.

“The leadership has consistently ignored the voices and concerns of its members, leading to a culture of exclusion and favouritism,” he stated.

Hon. Akhabue’s defection is a significant blow to the PDP, where he was seen as a pivotal figure, particularly in areas like policy development, grassroots mobilisation, and internal democracy.

His departure highlights the growing internal strife and could signal further discontent within the party’s ranks.

In joining the APC, Hon. Akhabue aims to pursue a more inclusive and just political environment.

He believes the APC embodies principles of integrity, accountability, and genuine democratic engagement.

“I am excited to bring my experience and dedication to a party that truly represents the people’s interests,” he remarked.

This defection has sparked widespread reactions within the political community.

Analysts suggest that Hon. Akhabue’s move could trigger a ripple effect, encouraging others who share his grievances to reconsider their positions within the PDP.

As the political landscape in Edo State continues to evolve, Hon. Felix Godsent Akhabue’s decision underscores the critical need for transparency and adherence to democratic values in party governance.

The implications of this defection will likely unfold in the coming weeks, potentially reshaping the dynamics of the state’s political scene.

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