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Yoruba Leader, Aare Oodua, Vows Support for Nigerian Armed Forces

Yoruba Leader, Aare Oodua, Vows Support for Nigerian Armed Forces

The Aare Atunluse Omoluwabi Oodua Worldwide, Chief Muritala Audu, has extended his unyielding solidarity on behalf of the Yoruba community to the Nigerian Armed Forces in their ongoing battle against insecurity in the nation.

In a statement made in Lagos on Monday, Chief Audu, who also serves as an APC Chieftain in Ogun State, pledged this unwavering support during his courtesy visit to the Chief of Defense Staff (CDS), Gen. Christopher Musa, at the Defense Headquarters in Abuja.

The Yoruba title holder called upon all Nigerians to unite and stand firmly behind the armed forces in their tireless efforts to bolster national security and address the various factors contributing to insecurity.

Reflecting on the warm reception during the visit, Audu underscored the significance of fostering civil relationships as a means to address Nigeria’s security challenges.

Chief Audu commended the military leader for his achievements since taking office and assured him of the Yoruba community’s unwavering support.

Audu praised Gen. Musa for his outstanding Military-Community engagement efforts, which have fostered positive relationships with various communities and contributed to the restoration of order in South Kaduna.

He expressed confidence that the ongoing initiatives to strengthen ties between the military and communities across the country will facilitate increased information sharing, ultimately playing a pivotal role in preventing and mitigating security incidents.

Chief Audu emphasized the critical importance of Nigerians cooperating closely with the military, underscoring the necessity for the nation to reap the rewards of democracy and aligning with his party’s slogan, “Make Nigeria Great Again.”

The visit symbolizes unity and collective effort in addressing Nigeria’s security concerns and serves as a resounding call for all Nigerians to stand together and support the military in their mission to ensure the safety and prosperity of all citizens.

Chief Audu concluded by stating, “This visit signifies my unwavering commitment and determination to forge a path toward a more secure and prosperous Nigeria. As we look ahead, our message serves as a rallying cry for all Nigerians to join hands and contribute to the nation’s progress. Together, we can aspire to a future where the promise of democracy is fully realized, and Nigeria truly becomes great.”

Yoruba Leader, Aare Oodua, Vows Support for Nigerian Armed Forces

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