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Expanding the Reach: Amina Dikwa’s Vision for Humanitarian Work in Nigeria

Expanding the Reach: Amina Dikwa’s Vision for Humanitarian Work in Nigeria

By Jennifer S. Kuwanta


Dr. Amina Dikwa, the CEO of the Amina Dikwa Foundation (ADF), has unveiled her ambitious goal to extend the foundation’s impact from the Northeast and North Central regions of Nigeria to every corner of the nation.

In an exclusive interview with OurNigeria TV on Sunday in Abuja, Dr. Dikwa expressed her unwavering commitment to making a difference nationwide, stating, “Whatever we do, we always believe that there’s room for something better. We aspire to continue spreading our influence not only in the Northeast and North Central regions but throughout the entire country.”

When questioned about government policies affecting NGOs in Nigeria, Dr. Dikwa acknowledged the government’s support for humanitarian organizations but stressed the need for increased collaboration. She stated, “The government has always been supportive of NGOs, providing avenues for them to contribute to building better communities in Nigeria. However, we still require more support from the government and other stakeholders.”

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Dr. Dikwa attributed her passion for assisting the vulnerable and less privileged to her family, particularly her parents, whom she considers her role models. She explained, “My parents have dedicated their lives to humanitarian causes. They taught us that giving to charity, bringing smiles to people’s faces, and offering them opportunities for success are essential for our own development.”

The founding of Amina Dikwa Foundation has provided her with a broader platform to fulfill her humanitarian mission. Driven by a profound desire for social change and a deep sense of purpose in helping others, Dr. Dikwa is dedicated to making a positive impact.

Amina Dikwa Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to a wide range of initiatives, including supporting vulnerable populations, improving livelihoods, child protection, education, and combating gender-based violence. The foundation has executed numerous projects, such as borehole installations, crisis relief and shelter provisions, food distribution, and the supply of sanitary products for women.

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