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Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar’s Marriage to Jennifer, Hits the Rocks


Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar’s Marriage to Jennifer, Hits the Rocks
The former Vice President, His Excellency Atiku Abubakar’s is currently plunged into a divorce scandal with his third wife, Jennifer.
Recall that there have been speculations in recent times that the couple is either separated or divorced with the blames for the purported divorce scandal coming into the public domain and the seemingly imminent collapse of the union, mostly pushed on the wife by most eagle-eyed observers.
Our Nigeria News Magazine reliably gathered that Jennifer has now come out to defend herself. In a lengthy press statement, she issued on Monday, Jennifer who admitted that there has been an issue of divorce between her and the former Vice President, debunked the various views presently held by many on the reason for the divorce matter occupying a large space in the public domain, describing it as untrue and bogus. She said the divorce was not a result of her selling her former husband’s properties in Abuja and Dubai but because of her continued stay in the UK which Atiku objected to, adding that Atiku’s new marriage to a fourth wife contributed to the problems.
Continuing, Jennifer said that even though the former Vice President is entitled to four wives, he didn’t inform them of his new marriage which she never took offence for. Furthering, she said the former Vice President asked her to move out of his Asokoro and Yola home.
Her statements read in part:
“The Matrimonial home in Asokoro which we reside was gifted to me by him even before we moved into that home from a previous residence. Indeed, His Excellency caused his Private Secretary to process the DEED of assignment documents for the house, which he did and handed me the documents. I then commenced processing the title to the property”.
On the Dubai home which she was also accused of selling, she said:
“There has been a lot of speculations on the Dubai home. For a while now, I had purposely stayed away from Dubai until I took custody of that property in September 2021 after His Excellency reneged on his word to give me the current value of the said property in exchange.
When I came to Nigeria, in early September 2021. I asked to have a private conversation with His Excellency. During that conversation, I informed His Excellency that once I get back to the United Kingdom, I will go to Dubai and take over the house. He subsequently departed for his medical trip to Germany, refusing to address any of the issues I privately wanted to conclude with him outside of third parties.
• I subsequently travelled to Dubai and took custody of the said property. Once I did that, on 18 September 2021, His Excellency sent me a text and I quote: “I hear you have moved to Dubai to take over the house. I am still in Germany for my medicals. Make sure all my properties including (redacted) are intact so I can collect all my properties. I wish you.
• I responded to him: “ Your Excellency, I am left with no other option as we need to get on with our lives amicably. I hope your medicals are coming up well. I wish you well too’.
• On 19th September 2021 in response to his text that I am not being amicable and I quote ”Good morning, with due respect, Your Excellency, I told you on Saturday before you left for Germany, that I was going back to the UK, take [our son] back for his test, then come to Dubai. I reiterated that day the need for an amicable resolution. I maintain that stance and remain at your service Your Excellency’.
• Further on Tuesday, 21 September 2021, I asked His Excellency in another text whether he wanted me to pack up his clothes and give them to Rahim (his driver) since the driver on his instructions was moving his cars. I also asked His    Excellency in that text whether he wanted me to have Rahim pack up his office. Then his Excellency sent me a text back and asked: ‘So it’s true you have sold the villa?’
• Subsequently, His Excellency sent the driver to take possession of all the cars.
The truth subsists about the Dubai house. I will make no further comments on it because it is the subject of litigation filed by his Excellency against me.
I need to also put on record that if I wanted to take His Excellency’s assets, I would not have returned to him his property documents in Abuja and Jos, allowed the driver to collect his cars, and gave up the house in Asokoro and Yola.
The last time I was in Nigeria I called to have the Asokoro and Yola documents delivered to him. It was never picked up and I still state that His Excellency is free to send someone to have the documents picked up anytime he deems fit”.
Since the incident, Jennifer has alleged threats to her life, that of her kids and relatives.
According to Jennifer, she has done nothing wrong except to ask for a divorce and she found it painful that she had to use the Press to set the records straight.
“I would have to put my side of the story on record. A campaign of calumny to discredit and put me in bad light has begun.
“Despite all that has happened, I reiterate that I asked for a quiet divorce. If that had been granted, we would not be where we are today. Divorce is never an easy process for both parties. I reiterate that I hope we can settle our issues privately and I would remain at His Excellency’s service should he need my help, anytime,” she added.

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