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Inspire and Uphold: COAS Urges RSMs to Foster Trust, Discipline in Nigerian Army

Inspire and Uphold: COAS Urges RSMs to Foster Trust, Discipline in Nigerian Army

Inspire and Uphold: COAS Urges RSMs to Foster Trust, Discipline in Nigerian Army

The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lieutenant General Taoreed Lagbaja, has called on the Regimental Sergeant Majors (RSMs) of the Nigerian Army to inspire their subordinates and build trust with the Nigerian public by adhering to established practices and the code of behavior both during and after duty hours.

This directive was given on Tuesday, May 28, 2024, during the official opening of the 2024 RSM Convention held at the Abbysynia Hall of Seventeen Hotel in Kaduna State.
In his address, General Lagbaja emphasized the vital role of RSMs as the cornerstone of discipline and regimentation within the Nigerian Army.

He highlighted the need for RSMs to uphold the army’s traditions and ethical values, particularly in a world increasingly influenced by globalization and rapid advancements in information and communication technology.

“Recognizing the crucial roles our RSMs play, the Army Headquarters has deemed it essential to maintain this biennial convention to address key themes,” he noted.

The theme for this year’s convention, “Traditions, Customs and Ethics of the Nigerian Army as the Bedrock of a Well-Trained and Highly Motivated Force,” builds on the previous convention’s focus on leveraging sound administration for operational efficiency. The COAS explained that this theme was chosen to delve deeper into the specifics discussed at the last gathering.

General Lagbaja reiterated his commitment to sound administration, which he believes is integral to the welfare and well-being of Army personnel.

He stressed that achieving a well-trained and motivated force capable of meeting its constitutional responsibilities in a complex security environment hinges on the RSMs’ dedication to maintaining army traditions and ethics. “The professional and effective conduct of soldiers is rooted in the rich traditions, customs, and ethics of the Nigerian Army,” he stated.

Expressing gratitude to President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu for his support, the COAS also emphasized the importance of leadership in nurturing the social bonds that unify the Army. Major General Jimmy Akpor, Chief of Administration (Army), further highlighted the role of RSMs as the custodians of these cherished customs and ethics, underscoring the need for continuous reinforcement and legacy-building.

The convention, hosted by the 1 Division of the Nigerian Army, saw the participation of around 300 RSMs from various formations across the country. Dignitaries included the representative of the Kaduna State Governor, Mr. Samuel Aruwan, Principal Staff Officers, and other senior military officials, both serving and retired.

In a ceremonial gesture, General Lagbaja planted a palm tree to commemorate his presence at the event. Following the convention’s opening, the COAS inaugurated a newly upgraded Radiodiagnostic Centre equipped with a 1.5 Tesla MRI machine at the Nigerian Army 44 Reference Hospital in Kaduna.

This upgrade is part of his broader initiative to enhance the welfare and healthcare services for Army personnel and their families.

He urged the hospital staff to maintain the facility diligently for the benefit of all users.

This convention and the new medical facility mark significant steps in the ongoing efforts to ensure that the Nigerian Army remains a disciplined, motivated, and well-supported force.

Inspire and Uphold: COAS Urges RSMs to Foster Trust, Discipline in Nigerian Army

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