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Military Operations Bring Relief to Kuje Residents, Quell Criminal Activities

Military Operations Bring Relief to Kuje Residents, Quell Criminal Activities

Residents of Kuje Area Council in the Federal Capital Territory have breathed a collective sigh of relief as intensified military operations have successfully curbed the activities of criminal gangs, bringing peace and security to the area.

Numerous residents, interviewed by our correspondent, expressed gratitude for the notable reduction in house-to-house robberies and other crimes, contributing to peaceful celebrations during Easter and Sallah.

John Ibekwe, a resident of Angwan Gede, noted a recent surge in criminal activities but praised the swift response of security agencies, particularly the Army, which effectively deterred the gangs.

“I have witnessed the Army promptly addressing distress calls, a remarkable departure from the past. The commanders’ strategies seem to be making a difference,” Ibekwe remarked, commending the Civil-Military approach employed by the Guards Brigade in building trust and cooperation with residents.

John Frank, proprietor of a local bar in Kuchiyako neighborhood, emphasized the importance of community support for the troops, urging residents to provide timely and credible information on suspicious activities.

“They are here for us, so we must assist them in every way possible. It’s our duty to report any unusual behavior,” Frank asserted.

Aliyu, a member of the vigilante group, echoed similar sentiments, lauding the Nigerian Army’s engagement in intelligence gathering and its positive impact on deterring criminal elements.

“With the Army’s encouragement, we are actively contributing to intelligence gathering to keep our community safe,” Aliyu affirmed.

While acknowledging the success of military operations, some residents expressed concern about the early imposition of curfews, which could potentially impact economic activities.

The current operations build upon the success of previous initiatives such as Exercise Olode M’Ole, with Ex Enduring Peace, spearheaded by Brigadier General Adebisi Onasanya, continuing to yield positive outcomes through collaborative efforts with other security agencies.

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