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NAHCON Announces Revised Hajj Fare for 2024 Amidst Dollar Fluctuations

NAHCON Announces Revised Hajj Fare for 2024 Amidst Dollar Fluctuations

Jerry Adesewo

In response to the recent fluctuations in the Dollar exchange rate, the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) has adjusted the 2024 Hajj fare to ensure a smooth and successful pilgrimage for intending pilgrims.

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While initially aiming to maintain the Hajj fare at N4.5 million, the volatile currency situation necessitated a revision to consolidate the gains achieved in lowering service costs. As a result, the revised Hajj fare is as follows:

– Pilgrims from Nigeria’s Southern center will pay N4,899,000.
– Pilgrims from the Northern center will pay N4,699,000.
– Pilgrims from Yola and Maiduguri center will pay N4,679,000.

NAHCON Chairman, Malam Jalal Ahmad Arabi, expressed regret over the adjustment but emphasised that this decision is necessary due to the tight deadline of February 25th for remittance of funds. He assures intending pilgrims that the Commission is committed to ensuring a seamless pilgrimage experience despite the challenges posed by foreign exchange factors.

Intending pilgrims are advised to complete their Hajj fare payment by Monday, February 12th, to facilitate the timely transfer of funds before the impending deadline.

NAHCON appreciates the understanding and cooperation of the Nigerian Muslim community and remains committed to providing the best possible services for a successful Hajj pilgrimage.

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