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Navy Chief Advocates AI for Military Efficiency

Navy Chief Advocates AI for Military Efficiency

Navy Chief Advocates AI for Military Efficiency

Nigerian Armed Forces Urged to Leverage AI for Operational Success

Vice Admiral Emmanuel Ogalla, Chief of Naval Staff (CNS), has emphasized the crucial role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in modernizing the Nigerian Armed Forces to achieve superior operational efficiency.

Speaking at the Second Quarter 2024 Defence Headquarters and Services Departments/Branches Transformation Seminar in Abuja, Ogalla called for a strategic embrace of AI technologies.

The seminar, themed “Harnessing Artificial Intelligence as a Transformation Tool in Contemporary Military Operations,” underscored the necessity of innovative strategies to tackle complex security challenges nationwide.

Vice Admiral Ogalla highlighted that modern warfare demands not just advanced hardware but also the integration of cutting-edge technological innovations such as AI.

“We are cautious of the fact that the application of artificial intelligence has permeated all spheres of human endeavor, particularly in the fields of finance, medical, space, technology, agriculture, and logistics, among others,” Ogalla stated.

“It is, in fact, the future of military operations, and we must ensure that the Armed Forces of Nigeria keep pace with this technological evolution.”

The Chief of Naval Transformation and Innovation, reiterated the seminar’s objective to explore and integrate AI as a key tool for enhancing military effectiveness.

He stressed the importance of research and development in building the capacity and capabilities of the armed forces to support national security imperatives.

The two-day seminar aims to cover critical topics such as AI in defense transformation and leveraging AI for enhanced research and development. These discussions are expected to foster innovative strategies and solutions to integrate AI into military.

Navy Chief Advocates AI for Military Efficiency

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