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Niger-Delta Women Condemn Okuama Killings

Niger-Delta Women Condemn Okuama Killings

Niger-Delta Women Condemn Okuama Killings

The Niger-Delta Women Professionals have issued a strong statement urging suspects involved in the killing of soldiers from the 181 Amphibious Division to surrender to the military authorities promptly.

The group emphasized the need for cooperation from the community in Okuama and its environs to provide essential information to aid in the arrest of the culprits responsible for the heinous act.

The President of the group, Dame Augusta Wariboko, and the General Secretary, Dr. Agnes Tari, jointly condemned the killings as unacceptable and a potential threat to the peace and stability of the region.

They highlighted the significant sacrifices made by the Armed Forces of Nigeria in fostering peace, particularly through non-kinetic approaches, and stressed the importance of condemning such violent acts in all aspects.

The Niger-Delta Women Professionals expressed their full support for the ongoing efforts by the military to apprehend the leader of the militant group and its members involved in the crime. They commended the investigation initiated by the Chief of Defence Staff, General Chris Musa, to uncover the root causes of the incident and ensure justice is served.

“It is imperative that the culprits surrender to the military authorities without delay,” stated the group. They called upon the residents of Okuama and surrounding areas to cooperate with security agencies and provide any relevant information to assist in the swift resolution of the case.

The women of the Niger-Delta region vehemently denounced the actions of the militant group, emphasizing that such conduct does not represent the values and principles of the local community.

Their commitment to peace and security in the region reinforces the need for accountability and justice in addressing acts of violence and aggression.

Niger-Delta Women Condemn Okuama Killings

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