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Nigerian Govt Enrolls 750,000 Citizens in Health Insurance Scheme, Announces Digitization Plan for Healthcare

Nigerian Govt Enrolls 750,000 Citizens in Health Insurance Scheme, Announces Digitization Plan for Healthcare

By Matthew Eloyi

The Coordinating Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Prof Muhammad Pate, revealed on Wednesday that the Federal Government had successfully enrolled approximately 750,000 Nigerians into the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

Making the announcement at the third edition of the ministerial press briefing series initiated by the Ministry of Information in Abuja, Prof Pate highlighted the administration’s commitment to modernizing the nation’s healthcare system through digitization.

The ministerial press briefing series was established to provide a platform for public officials to showcase their achievements and update Nigerians on governance challenges.

Dr. Salma Anas-Ibrahim, Special Adviser to the President on Health, previously announced in August 2024 that the Federal Government aimed to extend health coverage to over 50 million Nigerians, particularly focusing on vulnerable and elderly populations by 2027. She emphasized the government’s dedication to achieving universal health coverage, ensuring no one is left behind.

In October 2023, the Federal Government launched operational guidelines for the 2022 National Health Insurance Authority Act to facilitate health insurance implementation and ensure universal access to affordable healthcare services.

During the briefing, Prof Pate underscored the government’s efforts to expand health insurance coverage, stating, “Recognizing that financial barriers often deter individuals from seeking medical care, we have worked tirelessly to increase the accessibility and affordability of health insurance schemes.”

He highlighted the successful enrollment of approximately 750,000 more Nigerians in health insurance since the inception of the administration. Prof Pate reiterated the government’s commitment to providing quality health access through initiatives like the Vulnerable Group Fund and the Basic Health Care Provision Fund.

Prof Pate further announced the government’s commitment to enhancing tertiary healthcare services across the country, citing increased patient attendance at federal tertiary hospitals as evidence of improved care quality and public confidence in the healthcare system.

The minister emphasized ongoing investments in infrastructure, technology, and human capital to bolster the capacity of tertiary hospitals in delivering specialized medical services and addressing complex health conditions.

Additionally, Prof Pate addressed the shortage of healthcare professionals, highlighting collaboration with the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria to increase medical student admissions in the country.

Looking ahead, Prof Pate unveiled plans for the digitalization of Nigeria’s healthcare system, stating, “Digitalization is poised to revolutionize healthcare delivery in Nigeria, and we are committed to embracing this transformation.”

He announced that within the next two weeks, the government would introduce a comprehensive programme to digitize the healthcare system, aiming to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and improve patient outcomes.

Nigerian Govt Enrolls 750,000 Citizens in Health Insurance Scheme, Announces Digitization Plan for Healthcare

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