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OurNigeria News Magazine honors illustrious Nigerians

OurNigeria News Magazine honors illustrious Nigerians

By Matthew Atungwu

All is set for the highly esteemed OurNigeria News Magazine to host its 2023 awards ceremony at the renowned Abuja International Conference Centre on November 12, 2023.

OurNigeria Magazine, a top Nigerian nation-building magazine has long supported honoring groups and individuals that demonstrate extraordinary patriotism and commitment to Project Nigeria as a whole.

The purpose of the awards is to incentivize additional contributions to the welfare of Nigerians.

This year’s awards centered on the theme “Providing a Podium for the Unsung Heroes”, is anticipated to bring together representatives of the diplomatic community and the elite of Nigerian society, fostering an ambiance of grandeur and dignity.

In the inaugural edition of the OurNigeria Awards in 2019, a pioneering celebration of excellence, the spotlight illuminated extraordinary individuals who would later etch their names in the annals of Nigerian achievement.

The award serves as a ray of hope in a world where conflicts frequently make the headlines, showing that a country as varied as Nigeria can unite to celebrate its accomplishments and build a better future for all of its citizens. It is an occasion to honour Nigeria’s diverse heritage and the prospect of a thriving, cohesive future.

The celebration of excellence across a broad range of sectors, reflecting Nigeria’s multifarious achievements, is a fundamental pillar of the OurNigeria News Awards. Innovative startups and visionary CEOs are recognized for their contributions to employment creation and economic progress. Notable performers, composers, playwrights, and other artists that add to Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage are also honoured.

The awards honor ground-breaking findings and technology advancements that are influencing Nigeria’s future. They honour the altruism of people and institutions committed to using philanthropic endeavors to improve the lives of their communities.

The idea that Nigeria’s strength comes in its unity is reinforced by the OurNigeria News Award event, which recognizes success across these varied industries. It proves that when individuals from all backgrounds work together to achieve success, Nigeria’s potential is limitless.

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The OurNigeria News Awards function as a stimulant, encouraging a sense of solidarity and inclusivity among Nigerians as they celebrate their nation’s achievements.

This sense of pride instills the conviction that Nigerians can overcome any obstacle as a nation, strengthening its identity and resilience. The ceremony not only honours past greatness but also serves as a source of inspiration for the next generation by using the success stories of the award winners as rays of hope.

The OurNigeria News Awards event is more influential and popular, and it has a significant impact on the cultural narrative of Nigeria. It serves as a reminder of the country’s special status as a melting pot of cultures and customs, where harmony can be found in the celebration of greatness. By doing this, it advances Nigeria as a country that is assured of its future and proud of its history.

The OurNigeria News Award stands out as a brilliant expression of excellence in the complex fabric of Nigeria’s socioeconomic progress, providing direction for the country’s future. Recipients from the past, who have been honoured with titles such as Man of the Year and the TY Buratai Excellence Award, are live examples of transforming recognition. Their narratives go beyond individual successes to show how one prize may ignite a lasting legacy of transformation, inspiring people to radically transform society by unflinching commitment.

The renowned Olowu of Owu-Kuta, Oba Hameed Adekunle Oyelude, is a leading contender for the 2023 OurNigeria Awards. He deserves all the praise he receives as the Legendary Icon of the Year, a title that was previously known as the Man of the Year.

The nomination of Olowu is bolstered by his exceptional leadership and accomplishments, which accentuate his noteworthy contributions to positive change and community development.

Additionally, Ademola Adeleke, the executive governor of Osun state, will be honoured as the Politician of the Year.

Governor Adeleke’s nomination emphasizes his remarkable achievements and dedicated political service, which mirrors the revolutionary reforms he has implemented in the governance of Osun state.

Senator Prince Bassey Edet Otu, the governor of Cross River State, was named Politician of the Year and is carrying on his tradition of exceptional service by taking on the job of governor.

Notable is Senator Owelle Rochas Okorocha, who received the Lifetime Achievement Award in Philanthropy. His charitable activities currently include community development, healthcare, and education.

Salamatu Hussaini Suleiman has advanced in her career to become the head of the National Human Rights Commission and an ECOWAS commissioner. She was honoured with the General Yakubu Gowon Excellence Award in Leadership.

The story continues with Senator Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed’s Lifetime Achievement Award in Scholarship, which symbolizes his path to the Labour Party’s vice presidential candidature in the general elections of 2023 and highlights the significant influence of honours on civic engagement.

Veteran Nollywood actor Zack Orji, who received the Lifetime Achievement Award, is still making significant contributions to the entertainment industry.

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