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Outbreak Response Activated as CSM Cases Detected in Gombe State

Outbreak Response Activated as CSM Cases Detected in Gombe State

By Matthew Eloyi

The Gombe State Commissioner of Health, Dr Habu Dahiru, has confirmed the activation of an emergency response following reports of suspected cases of Cerebrospinal Meningitis (CSM) in Nafada Local Government Area (LGA) of the state.

Dr. Dahiru revealed that the reports of symptoms suggestive of CSM were received on the 18th of February, prompting immediate action by health authorities. However, he clarified that the threshold for declaring a CSM outbreak, which requires 10 confirmed cases in a population of 100,000 people within one week, has not yet been met.

“We cannot activate an Incident Management System (IMS) at this time as we have not reached the threshold for a CSM outbreak,” stated Dr. Dahiru.

Nevertheless, the commissioner highlighted that the situation in Nafada and Funakaye LGAs has escalated to an Alert Threshold, necessitating proactive measures to contain the spread of the disease.

An Emergency Operation Centre (EOC), comprising representatives from the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), and the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), was activated by Dr Dahiru to coordinate response efforts.

The EOC is tasked with controlling the spread of detected cases of CSM, particularly in Funakaye LGA, where two positive cases have been confirmed. Furthermore, State Rapid Response Teams (RRTs) have been deployed to support local RRTs in various activities, including community sensitization, engagement with religious leaders, and active case search in affected areas.

Dr Dahiru emphasized the transparency of the state government’s approach to outbreaks, citing full support from Gov Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya to safeguard public health interests. He assured that all necessary resources, including drugs and medical supplies for managing suspected cases, are being provided free of charge.

As of the establishment of the treatment centre on February 18th, a total of 95 cases have been line listed, with 84 cases treated and discharged, six cases currently admitted, and six fatalities recorded (five in Nafada and one in Funakaye). Additionally, 29 samples have been collected, with two positive cases identified in Funakaye, 20 negative results, and seven awaiting confirmation.

The commissioner concluded by urging residents to remain vigilant and cooperate with health authorities to mitigate the spread of CSM in the affected LGAs.

Outbreak Response Activated as CSM Cases Detected in Gombe State

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