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Peter Obi attends Prayer Night at Dunamis Intl Church

By Jennifer S. Kuwanta

Peter Obi attends Prayer Night at Dunamis Intl Church

Photos Show Peter Obi Attending The Night Service At Dunamis Church, Where He Also Met Pastor Paul Enenche | Nobelie | Online Christian Publishing PlatformPeter Obi and Pastor Paul Eneche


 The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi was at the Dunamis International Gospel Center, on Friday to attend “the Judgement Praise Night with Dr Pst Paul Enenche.”

Obi was welcomed by a massive crowd who watched with joy as the presidential candidate exchanged pleasantries with Pastor Paul Eneche and his wife.

The presidential candidate was invited on stage to pray for Nigeria alongside the Archbishop, Paul Eneche and a few other respected Nigerians. This took place after a long series of praises and prayers.

Eneche appears to be a strong promoter of the Igbo presidency in 2023 from past indications.

The cleric in June knocked Nigerian politicians and leaders of major political parties out for denying Southerner’s tickets for the 2023 presidential elections.

Speaking during the healing and deliverance service at the church’s headquarters, the preacher said southerners are being marginalized in the country.

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He said, “When president Olusegun Obasanjo came into power in 1999 the two political parties decided to present candidates from the South-West. There were South-West Christians so it was narrowed down.

“At this time now, let me ask a question, what is wrong if it was narrowed down to Southeast? I am asking out loud. People Who have felt so marginalized and oppressed for a long time.

“Why can’t they be sensible and say let south-east produce presidency so that the parties give tickets to candidates from the region?

“Who says that such cannot calm down the agitation in that area and also give that region some sense of belonging?

“Who says that an Easterner can not be a president of Nigeria? What did they do? What is their offence? Who said it? Where was the law made from? never for once.

“Those who have had presidency many times are still clamouring to come. That is to say, there is a group of people that are not humans. Such useless things are happening in various states of the country and Jehovah is arresting the situation.

“I say it with authority, there is no part of this country that is stronger or better than the other. And I can tell you in both capacity and wisdom if the same people have been ruling and everything is degenerating why can’t you try other people and see whether things will not change? whether things will not be better. Jehovah will change it by force. He will change the narrative by force”.

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