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Professor Ojo Ademola – A Nigerian Trail Blazer and leading light in the Diaspora

Professor Ojo Ademola – A Nigerian Trail Blazer and leading light in the Diaspora

By Dr SojiEhinlanwo (DSE)

Undoubtedly, Nigerians in the diaspora are accomplishing great things and many are doing very well. Whether in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, other parts of Europe and in Asia as well as other places, quite a good number of Nigerians seem to be showing their mettle, excelling and bringing pride to themselves and their country.

One of such remarkable Nigerians who has accomplished quite a lot and is doing our country proud is Professor Ojo Emmanuel Ademola. Professor Ojo Emmanuel Ademola’s accomplishments and significant contributions as a leading light in the diaspora were duly recognized by the UK-based Building Blocks Initiatives (BBI) at a very colorful ceremony at the Hilton Hotel in Kensington, London.

Unsurprising, this accomplished University don was honored with two prestigious Achievement Recognition Awards 2023 (ARA) on the 28th of October 2023. The first award is the Honorary Exemplary Diaspora Professional and Community Leadership recognition in Academia and Cyber Security. The second award is the Professional Leadership Recognition Award

These two awards are a fitting testimony to the impact Professor Ojo Ademola has made in his academic career, in his community and in the diaspora. Needless to say this award was given by a prominent Diaspora organization – The Building Blocks Initiative (BBI) and was attended by very important Diaspora leaders, with representation from the Nigerian High Commission. The BBI event has become a much-anticipated event in the black and Minority Ethnic business and social calendar in the United Kingdom, drawing in annually important business and professional leaders within and outside of the community.

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Professor Ojo Emmanuel Ademola is the chairman of the Governing Council of the Institute of Enterprise Management and Analytics (IEMA). He is a Pastor, Professor and management consultant. A distinct leader, he is a proactive academic and internationally renowned, with expertise in cyber security, general management, information and communications technology, Intelligence and security systems management, Digital economy, theology and others. A recipient of multiple awards, he has lectured and given seminars at colleges of Further education, several Universities and in many international settings.

Professor Ojo Ademola has developed the curriculum for various institutions and awarding boards. He is a chartered fellow of multiple professional bodies of international repute. He is the first Professor of African descent to be a chartered manager in the United Kingdom. In addition, he has authored several books and articles on subjects relating to cyber security, IOT, Strategic and process management as well as IT management.

This distinguished university don also regularly reviews articles for highly reputable journals in Computer science, cyber security, the Internet of things, Leadership and management etc. He remains part of the specialist/Consultant group for Health and Education of the Commonwealth Secretariat. Professor Ojo has served in various chairmanship and managerial positions in public, private, and voluntary sectors in Nigeria, UK, USA and other international settings.

He is currently the Chairman of the University of Ibadan Nigeria/ Power Age Christian College Inter Border Partnership Project, UK as well as the Chairman of the UK Coordinating Council of the Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide

Indeed, Professor Ojo Emmanuel Ademola is one of the shining lights of the diaspora community of Nigerian descent. The Building Blocks Initiative (BBI) has therefore honoured a worthy Diasporian and Nigerian of immeasurable accomplishments.

Dr SojiEhinlanwo (aka DSE) is a Senior Information Technology Consultant and Manager. He is an accomplished Diasporian and Public Affairs Analyst.

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