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Terrorists in North East Avoiding Confrontation, Resorting to IEDs, Says Theatre Commander

Terrorists in North East Avoiding Confrontation, Resorting to IEDs, Says Theatre Commander

By Matthew Eloyi

The Theatre Commander of the Joint Task Force, North East Operation Hadin Kai, Gen. Waidi Shuaibu, has revealed that terrorists operating in the region have been degraded and are now avoiding direct confrontations with security forces, instead resorting to the use of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

Speaking at the opening of an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) awareness and detection training for the Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) in Maiduguri, Gen. Shuaibu emphasized the significance of the training in equipping participants with the necessary skills to detect and handle IEDs safely during operations.

“In view of this, the need for them to resort to IEDs cannot be over-emphasized,” Gen. Shuaibu stated, highlighting the importance of effectively countering the threat posed by IEDs to both troops and civilians.

He reiterated the importance of realistic training and assured participants that they would be provided with the required equipment to carry out their duties effectively upon completion of the training.

Brig.-Gen. AO Kazeem, the Commander of 47 Engineering Brigade in Maiduguri, echoed Gen. Shuaibu’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of the course in line with the Theatre Commander’s intent of enhancing IED awareness among CJTF members.

He expressed gratitude to Gen. Shuaibu for providing the necessary resources to facilitate the training, ensuring its effectiveness and efficiency in addressing the evolving security challenges in the region.

The commitment of security forces to equip and train personnel to effectively counter terrorist tactics underscores their dedication to ensuring the safety and security of the North East region.

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