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Troops Overrun Terrorists’ Stronghold, Recover Heavy Artillery

Troops Overrun Terrorists' Stronghold, Recover Heavy Artillery

Troops Overrun Terrorists’ Stronghold, Recover Heavy Artillery

In a significant blow to terrorist activities, the Nigerian Army troops have executed a successful operation, overpowering a stronghold belonging to the Boko Haram/Islamic State of West African Province (ISWAP) group in Borno State.

The operation, part of Operation Desert Sanity III, involved a coordinated assault employing artillery and air strikes, alongside ground engagement along Ngumne, Kawaran, and Mangu Axis situated within the Sambisa Forest and Timbuktu Triangle.

Amidst the daunting challenge of improvised explosive devices and enemy resistance, the courageous troops relentlessly confronted the terrorists with overwhelming firepower, effectively dismantling their base of operations. This resounding victory led to the recovery of critical armaments and equipment, including two gun trucks, a 105mm Pack Howitzer, two exploded improvised explosive device cases, and a burnt Rocket-Propelled Grenade tube. Additionally, the troops razed the terrorist enclaves to the ground, further crippling their infrastructure.

“This operation showcases the unwavering determination of the Nigerian Army in combating terrorism and safeguarding the region’s peace and security,” remarked a military spokesperson.

The retrieval of heavy artillery and gun trucks deals a severe blow to the operational capabilities of the terrorists, significantly hampering their ability to launch further attacks and inflict harm upon innocent civilians.

The successful operation underscores the Nigerian Army’s relentless commitment to eradicating terrorism and fostering a safe environment for communities in the region. The bravery and dedication exhibited by the troops in the face of adversity exemplify their steadfast resolve to protect the nation’s sovereignty and uphold peace and stability.

Troops Overrun Terrorists’ Stronghold, Recover Heavy Artillery

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