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‘Oga At The Top’ Officer Reflects on Viral Interview After a Decade

‘Oga At The Top’ Officer Reflects on Viral Interview After a Decade

Shem Obafiaye, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) officer who rose to fame with the viral ‘Oga At The Top’ remark, recently opened up about the impact the interview had on him psychologically.

In 2013, Obafiaye, then serving as the Lagos Commandant of the NSCDC, became a household name after his appearance on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily.

During the interview, when asked about the NSCDC’s website, Obafiaye humorously replied, “The website is… excuse me… wait… it can only be made known by my Oga at the top,” while pointing skywards and flashing a broad smile.

Nearly a decade later, Obafiaye shared insights into the aftermath of the now-famous remark, which spawned humorous memes, danceable tunes, and ‘Oga At The Top’ emblazoned on T-shirts.

When questioned about the psychological impact of the interview on his life and career, he responded, “Definitely, it has to because I had never gone through such in my life, but with the words of my cousin, ‘I know you have a future; if you are ready for national recognition, be ready for national embarrassment, harassment, and insults.'”

Obafiaye revealed that immediately after the interview, he was granted a month’s rest by his commandant general, after which he was relocated to the Oyo State Command.

Regarding the effect on his family, Obafiaye shared that his son, at times, encountered teasing from classmates who referred to him as ‘Oga at the Top.’ Despite the challenges, he stressed that it was part of the experience, not a criminal act, and he did not face any adverse consequences.

Reflecting on the reactions of colleagues and superiors, Obafiaye noted that they did not respond negatively. He laughed about the replay of the video during the interview, expressing forgiveness to those who created caricatures and acknowledging the influential role of social media in the “new age.”

Last week, after ten years, Shem Obafiaye was promoted to the rank of Deputy Commandant-General. During the show, he also revealed that he has retired from service, marking the end of a chapter in his career.

‘Oga At The Top’ Officer Reflects on Viral Interview After a Decade

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