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Women group tackles writer for accusing CDS of ‘usurping civilian power’

Women group tackles writer for accusing CDS of ‘usurping civilian power’

North East Women for Peace Forum, a non-partisan group, has described as clannish and unwarranted an editorial in a national daily accusing the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) of ‘usurping civilian power’.

The forum, in a statement on Wednesday signed by its convener, Hajiya Bilikisu Goni, also dismissed the claim in the article written by one Dr Tayo Oke, that Irabor was a “meddlesome general”.

It said that the write-up was unwarranted, and wondered whether the writer was working for profiteers of insurgency to bring down the CDS and scuttle the ongoing military operations.

The forum challenged the writer to visit the North East to see how the military operations were being prosecuted instead of comparing Nigeria with the United States.

According to the forum, as beneficiaries of the ongoing military operations in the Northeast, it is in a better position to counter any deliberate attempt to misinform Nigerians about the war.

It also challenged the writer to seek the opinions of the thousands of people, including women in the North East who have returned to their abodes and means of livelihood, about the ongoing military operations.

“The writer seems to be angry that the military is dominating the airwaves or he wants the enemies of the country or those benefitting from the security challenges to dominate.

“Or is the zeal with which the CDS is eager for Nigeria to return to normalcy infuriating enemies of the country?

“Which Nigerian is not zealous at this time and eager for the security challenges to end, talk more of the Head of the entire military?”

The forum said life has been returning to normal in the North East, while some of the remaining abducted Chibok school girls are gradually returning home.

It added that the mass surrender of insurgents and their families in the region was a testament to the successes recorded by the military and the inter-agency collaborations championed by the CDS.

The forum also queried why the writer was against the presence of the military in communities affected by security challenges.

“We are very sure Dr Oke will be at the forefront of asking questions if the military is not seen in the streets supporting ongoing operations to deal with the security challenges.

“The North East Women for Peace Forum is confused about what the writer wants. We are very sure no well-meaning political leader will refer to the CDS as a meddlesome general.

“If Dr Oke will sincerely answer our questions, he will discover that his entire write-up was indeed unwarranted, untimely and illogical.”

Women group tackles writer for accusing CDS of ‘usurping civilian power’

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