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Women’s Day: Group challenges gov’t on reproductive health

Women’s Day: Group challenges gov’t on reproductive health

A group of Civil Society Organizations (SCOs) in Gombe state has called on the state government to invest more in reproductive health so as to save more mothers and reduce the rate of maternal mortality in the state.

Alhassan Yahya Abdullahi, the Executive Director of Saif Advocacy Foundation (SAF) made the call in an interview marking the International Women’s Day in Gombe. He said that the day was set aside by the United Nations to look inward and women opportunities to express their views and voice.

According to him, Child Spacing (CS) is one area his organization wants the government to invest more in. he said: “because if you look at it critically, by 2050 Nigeria is going to be the 3rd in the world in terms of population after China and India.

I think apart from controlling the population growth, Child Spacing could also help in supporting the health and development of women. It will also help the men to plan for his children and family to study,” Alhassan said.

He explained that CS program has gained the support of several stakeholders, including the religious leader, traditional institution, media and CSOs as well as the buy inn of the government and other community members.

“I think it is as a result of our collective effort, because if the government is not willing to invest in that area we wouldn’t have moved the Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (CPR) from 4 percent in 2013 to 17 percent in 2018 as uncovered by the National Demographic Health Survey (NDHS).

He added saying: “Despite the fact that government has the buy inn, unfortunately, the release of funds is still a major challenge in the state.

However, Alhassan said: “We are all aware that the government is committed and we believe they will release the needed money to cover and more women and save more mothers from pregnancy-related death”.

As the theme of the 2021 International Women’s Day implies “Choose to Challenge, on her part, Zariyatu Abubakar, the Executive Director Wildan Care Foundation, said: “I choose to challenge each and everyone to give women the space that she needs to take her rightful position in society.

Also speaking on the celebration, the program manager SAF, Farida Muhammed Dunama, said: “I choose to challenge the way in which women are being treated in society in terms of violence. I also choose to challenge the government that their best is not enough in term health care delivery to women”.

While also Rebeca Caleb Maina, a developmental journalist in Gombe said: “I choose to challenge the society, the men and the mothers-in-law to support women by encouraging women to subscribe to the CS program to live healthily”.

Women’s Day: Group challenges gov’t on reproductive health

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