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2023 OurNigeria Awards: Hon Katsayal to Receive Lifetime Award in Scholarship

2023 OurNigeria Awards: Hon Katsayal to Receive Lifetime Award in Scholarship

By Jerry Adesewo

In its 2023 annual awards, OurNigeria News Magazine is set to bestow on Hon. Prof. Umar Adam Katsayal the ‘Lifetime Award in Scholarship’.

Hon. Prof. Umar Adam Katsayal, a distinguished scholar in Pharmacognosy at Ahmadu Bello University, is set to be honoured with the Lifetime Award in Scholarship at the upcoming 2023 OurNigeria Awards. This prestigious recognition highlights his remarkable contributions to academia and research.

Prof. Katsayal’s journey to this esteemed accolade is marked by his unwavering commitment to scholarly excellence. With a background in Botany from Bayero University and subsequent master’s and doctorate degrees in Pharmacognosy from Ahmadu Bello University, his expertise in the field is unparalleled.

A member of several esteemed professional organizations, including the Botanical Society of Nigeria, the Nigerian Society of Pharmacognosy, and the West African Society of Pharmacology, Prof. Umar Katsayal has dedicated his career to advancing the field of pharmacognosy.

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For over two decades, he has been a valuable member of Ahmadu Bello University’s Department of Pharmacognosy and Drug Development, where his primary research focus is on developing drugs from medicinal plants to combat tropical diseases, with a special emphasis on malaria.

His commitment to academic excellence is further evident through his active participation in national and international conferences and his roles as a member of Ahmadu Bello University Senate and the Editorial Board of the Nigerian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Beyond academia, Hon. Umar Katsayal’s contributions extend to public service, having served as a Member of the House of Representatives during the Seventh Assembly. During his tenure, he sponsored and participated in the passage of several Bills, contributing to the legislative landscape of Nigeria.

In recognition of his exceptional achievements and dedication to education, he was honored with the title of “Member of the National Institute” (mni) after attending the prestigious National Institute, Kuru.

Prof. Umar Katsayal also played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Federal University of Transportation, Daura, where he served as the pioneer Vice-Chancellor. His outstanding contributions to scholarship and research. His work serves as an inspiration to aspiring scholars and researchers, and we eagerly anticipate honoring his achievements at the awards ceremony.

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