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Ahmad Salihijo Ahmad: A Role Model or a Rogue?

Ahmad Salihijo Ahmad: A Role Model or  a Rogue?

Jerry Adesewo

In the corridors of power, whispers of corruption often echo louder than the grand promises of change. Such was the case with Ahmad Salihijo Ahmad, once heralded as a beacon of hope for the youth in governance, but now ensnared in the web of alleged financial malfeasance.

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Ahmad’s swift ascent to the position of Managing Director of the Rural Electrification Agency (REA) at the

tender age of 40 seemed to epitomize the mantra of ‘Not Too Young To Rule.’ However, his tenure soon became shrouded in controversy, with the interim report of an investigation by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) painting a damning picture of mismanagement and embezzlement.

The report, a meticulous expose of financial irregularities, uncovered the misappropriation of approximately 12.7 billion Naira under Ahmad’s watch. A litany of accusations emerged, implicating Ahmad and his management team in a complex web of deceit and greed.

At the heart of the allegations lay a tangled web of deceit, with 37 bank accounts linked to Ahmad’s name, despite his assertions to the contrary on official asset declaration forms. The discrepancies were glaring, with different dates of birth associated with the suspect, raising further suspicions of fraudulent activity.

The tentacles of corruption extended far and wide, with the EFCC’s investigation unearthing a labyrinth of deceitful practices. Contracts worth millions of Naira were allegedly awarded under false pretenses, with funds siphoned off through dubious channels. One such scheme involved the awarding of contracts worth N300 million to two companies for the same training program, with the funds ultimately finding their way into the pockets of those entrusted with their stewardship.

The rot within the agency ran deep, with allegations of coercion and kickbacks tarnishing its reputation. Contractors executing projects were allegedly forced to pay hefty sums for ‘monitoring and evaluation,’ only to see these funds vanish into thin air. The mismanagement of COVID-19 funds further exacerbated the situation, with billions of Naira earmarked for rural electrification projects allegedly diverted or squandered through negligence.

For Ahmad Salihijo Ahmad, once hailed as a symbol of youth empowerment in governance, the fall from grace was swift and ignominious. His legacy, tarnished by allegations of graft and deception, serves as a cautionary tale for aspiring leaders. In the murky waters of Nigerian politics, the allure of power often comes with a heavy price, one that Ahmad and his cohorts are now being made to pay.

As I write, and in view of my little contributions to the ‘Not Too Young to Run’ campaign, the question that agitates my mind is, who is Ahmad Salihijo Ahmad? A role model or a rogue? To determine that, he will surely have to clear his name from the corruption ledger of the EFCC.


Ahmad Salihijo Ahmad: A Role Model or Rogue?

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