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COP28: Lagos Gov Calls for Financial Support to Address Water Crisis

COP28: Lagos Gov Calls for Financial Support to Address Water Crisis

Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, made a compelling appeal for sustainable private and philanthropic financing to address Lagos’s insufficient water infrastructure during a side event at a United Nations climate change conference in Dubai on Friday.

Sanwo-Olu, speaking at the Valuing Water roundtable organized by the Business and Philanthropy Climate Forum and Sustainable Market Initiative, revealed the critical water situation in Lagos, home to over 22 million residents. He emphasized that Lagos receives only 210 million gallons of its daily potable water needs, which amounts to a mere fraction of the required 700 million gallons.

The governor acknowledged the challenge of addressing the water crisis with limited resources but stressed the importance of finding solutions. He stated, “Given our meagre resources, it is really a challenge, but we certainly cannot continue to give excuses. This gap is being felt by underserved communities, and the risk to the public is high.”

Sanwo-Olu emphasized that Lagos requires less than 1% of the global $1.7 trillion clean water investment gap and expressed hope that the ongoing conversation would lead to sustainable solutions. He urged committed partners to believe in the economic viability of their investments to meet the water needs of millions of people.

Highlighting the impact of irregular electricity on water infrastructure, the governor called for equity in channelling climate financing to cities like Lagos, where large youth populations are particularly vulnerable. He stressed the importance of equal access to resources globally, emphasizing that equity should be a major focus of the global response.

The theme of the event, “Valuing Water: A Lifeline in Climate Transition,” resonated with anti-poverty groups and corporations, who emphasized the need for increased investments in clean water projects globally.

The event took place during the ongoing 28th session of the Conference of Parties (COP28) at the Dubai Exhibition Centre.

COP28: Lagos Gov Calls for Financial Support to Address Water Crisis

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