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Fusion 774 rubbishes  Sahara Reporters for publishing misleading reports about Buratai

Fusion 774 rubbishes  Sahara Reporters for publishing misleading reports about Buratai

The National Coordinator, Fusion 774, political support and Socio-economic advocacy group, Card Sadiq Jikta, has rubbished a report by Sahara Reporters and some online news media, involving Amb. T Y Buratai, the former Chief of Army Staff (COAS) and Ambassador to the Benin Republic.

The National Coordinator while reacting to the reports said, “Our attention has been drawn to a malicious report by Sahara Reporters titled: Exclusive: Anti-graft Agency, ICPC Uncovers Billions in Cash meant for Arms Ammunition To Fight Boko Haram in Abuja Home of Ex-Chief of Army Staff. Other online news media also had shares of their misleading reports.”

He stated that the reports are unsubstantiated, fake, unfounded, bogus, and mischievous figments of their imagination.

He expressed dismay that such widely followed news media platforms will engage in smear campaigns, adding that Sahara Reporters is known for peddling fake news.

Card Jikta further disclosed that after reading through the misleading publications, he chatted with the Ambassador, and called people around him, saying that the Ambassador was surprised in hearing the fake news himself.

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“I even went further to call a friend at ICPC who debunked the news and informed me of their official public statement that cleared the Ambassador.

“I can authoritatively say that those reports were false and targeted to smear and rubbish the image and reputation the gentleman has built for himself over the years,” he added.

The National Coordinator wondered what they intend to achieve by fabricating lies just for attacking his hard-earned reputation.

In his words, “How could someone that left the office for over two years give out arm contract? This is according to the reports, does it mean he still runs the office of the COAS even after retirement? This is ridiculous! and sounds too petty.”

Continuing, Jikta said, “In case you don’t know, let me give you a hint of the type of person that he is, a lot of contractors have approached him after leaving office to influence military contracts for them, but he declined, telling them to go and try their luck, that he doesn’t believe in interfering in another man’s job, that when he did his era he didn’t condone interference, so he will not do it to his predecessors.

On the allegation of Buratai owning certain property, Jikta said, ” When I heard of 50 watches and Rolex, I laughed, this is someone that leads a moderate lifestyle,  anybody that knows the Ambassador knows that he is not a flashy type of person.

“It has been made known that available facts indicate that the property is not his, it is owned by the owner of K Salam Construction Company, a military contractor. This is a misrepresentation of facts.

“The good thing is that ICPC has come out to give a public statement dissociating him from the reports, this is just a media trial by some mischief-makers. Period.”

Fusion 774 rubbishes  Sahara Reporters for publishing misleading reports about Buratai

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