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Heartbroken uncle accidentally killed 4-year-old nephew under tractor in farm disaster 

Heartbroken uncle accidentally killed 4-year-old nephew under tractor in farm disaster 

Farmer Brian Nutter has warned of families taking their kids to farms, recalling the tragic series of events that led to the shocking, accidental death of his nephew, four-year-old Harry Lee.

A farmer has spoken of the tragic accident that led to the death of his four year old nephew who he accidentally ran over with a tractor. 

Harry Lee, four, had fallen under the wheels of Brian Nutter’s tractor after the pair were riding the JCB Loader, which hit a bump in a field and knocked the youngster off. 

The four-year-old was knocked to the floor by the bump, where he was then run over by the tractor – suffering a horrifying brain injury. 

Sadly, the youngster was pronounced dead after being taken to Royal Blackburn Hospital, after attempts to resuscitate him failed. 

Mr Nutter was handed a 26-week suspended sentence under the Health and Safety Act, but says the real punishment is dealing with the loss of his nephew. 

Pleading with those thinking of popping their kids onto farmyard vehicles, Mr Nutter said: “Please don’t do it. I hope if people know what happened they’ll be a bit more aware of what they’re doing and won’t have to go through what I’m going through.” 

Recalling the horror moment Harry fell from the tractor, he said: “Harry was with me, and I put him on the machine, as I’d done in the past, and we drove out the yard, on to the lane and into the field. 

“I turned around and he’d gone, and he was under the wheel. It was so, so quick. 

“In the blink of an eye he wasn’t there. It all happened so fast. I had to drive forward to get off him. I picked him up and ran down to the farm, into the house, he was in my arms. We rang an ambulance and I put him on the floor, I was trying to resuscitate him.” 

The impact of the tragic accident has left its mark on farmer Mr. Nutter, who has since shared his story with in the hope others will be aware of the “dangers to children on farms“. 

Harry’s father Martin Lee added: “His death has traumatized and deeply impacted the whole family.” 

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