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Islamic scholar charges faithful to reduce begging among Muslims


Islamic scholar charges faithful to reduce begging among Muslims

Professor Afiz Oladosu, former Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ibadan, has urged Muslim communities and groups to put in place procedures to prevent or minimize begging among Muslims across the country.

The Arabic and Islamic studies professor maintained that it is the responsibility of Muslim institutions, groups, and society to put in place methods to prevent people from begging as a career.

These announcements were made by Oladosu on Sunday in Ibadan during the 2023 delegates’ conference and the inauguration of the new executive council of the Political Awareness Group (PAG), which is chaired by Dr. Lukman Fasasi.

The event, which has “Creating a pathway for sustainable development: Muslims on call” as theme, was attended by a former Secretary to the Oyo State government, Alhaji Akin Olajide, Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology, Professor Soliu Adelabu, Baagi of Saki, Alhaji Abdulrasheed Adegoke, Professor Abideen Olaiya and members of the out-gone PAG executives led by Barrister Abdul-Waheed Olowonjaiye.

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Oladosu, who was represented by the Head of Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies, at the University of Ibadan, Professor Ibrahim Usman advised Islamic organizations to ensure that every Muslim within their reach has a means of livelihood.

He added that this would go a long way in discouraging and reducing begging among the Muslims in the country.

According to him, “We have talked about the basic objectives of Islamic law, one of which tends to protect the future of unborn generations, and in doing this, one of the things that Islam puts in place is the discouragement of begging as a profession.

“While begging in Islam is permitted when a Muslim is in crisis or facing a disaster, it is forbidden as a profession.

“This is because Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon Him) was reported to have said in many of the traditions that Muslims should not ask people for things, rather they should go out and work.

“Again, Umar Ibn Kattab, the second caliphate was reported to have driven some Muslims out of the Mosque and told them that they could not be saying that Allah should enrich us when you have stopped working. So, as Muslims, you must go out and work.

“So, one of the responsibilities of our Muslim societies and communities today is to ensure that we put a mechanism in place that will discourage begging among Muslims so that every Muslim will be empowered to have a source of livelihood.

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