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New National Minimum Wage Set at 155k: Labour Leaders Seek Swift Implementation

New National Minimum Wage Set at 155k: Labour Leaders Seek Swift Implementation

By Matthew Eloyi

In a landmark decision, the federal government has agreed on a new national minimum wage set at 155k. This development comes after extensive negotiations between government representatives and leaders of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC). Following the announcement, leaders of both NLC and TUC expressed gratitude to all parties involved in the negotiations during a press conference. They urged both the federal and state governments to promptly implement the agreed-upon minimum wage.

As the nation awaits further details on the implementation process, indications suggest that President Bola Tinubu may make the official announcement on Workers’ Day, observed internationally on May 1. A member of the National Minimum Wage Committee disclosed that efforts are underway to finalize all negotiations before the designated date. The committee aims for the President’s announcement to backdate the implementation to April, aligning with the expiration of the current minimum wage.

However, amidst these developments, tension brews between labour unions and state governors over the impending wage increase. Organised Labour has issued a stern warning to governors, asserting that they will not accept anything less than full implementation of the new minimum wage. This stance comes in response to the Nigeria Governors’ Forum’s call for consideration of individual states’ circumstances in determining the wage amount.

The labour unions, NLC and TUC, have rejected the governors’ plea, citing it as a potential trigger for prolonged industrial unrest. They emphasize the need for a realistic wage that addresses the steep inflation rate and ensures workers’ livelihoods. The unions assert that failure to implement the new minimum wage would constitute a breach of national law, hinting at tougher sanctions against non-compliant governors.

Meanwhile, state labour leaders across various regions echo the unions’ demands for swift implementation. They emphasize the importance of adequately compensating workers and urge state governments to prioritize their welfare. State chapters of TUC in Ogun, Ekiti, and Osun affirm their readiness to work with respective governors to ensure seamless implementation of the new minimum wage.

With the new minimum wage set to significantly impact workers’ lives, the nation eagerly awaits further developments as the implementation process unfolds. As Workers’ Day approaches, all eyes are on the government to fulfill its commitment to improving the welfare of Nigerian workers.

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