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NAHCON Clarifies 2024 Hajj Fare, Ensuring Transparency and Flexibility for Pilgrims

NAHCON Clarifies 2024 Hajj Fare, Ensuring Transparency and Flexibility for Pilgrims

By Matthew Eloyi

In response to the recent press release issued by the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON), further details have emerged regarding the 2024 Hajj fare, aiming to provide clarity and ease for intending pilgrims.

According to the statement signed by Fatima Sanda Usara, Assistant Director at NAHCON, the cost of undertaking the Hajj pilgrimage for the year 2024 has been set at $5,692.25. However, it’s highlighted that this figure is subject to fluctuations in exchange rates.

At the time of the initial press release, the exchange rate for the Nigerian Naira to the US Dollar was specified as N1,474.62. Nonetheless, due to the volatile nature of exchange rates, intending pilgrims are advised to make payments for the Hajj fare based on the prevailing dollar exchange rate at the time of payment. This approach aims to accommodate any alterations in the exchange rate, ensuring fairness for all pilgrims.

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Furthermore, the statement assures that in the event of a change in the value of the US Dollar at the time of final remittance into the Commission’s IBAN account, pilgrims will be entitled to either a refund or a reconciliation of the balance, as deemed appropriate.

NAHCON reaffirms its commitment to facilitating a smooth and transparent process for all intending pilgrims and encourages them to stay updated on any further developments regarding the payment of the Hajj fare.

This clarification from NAHCON is expected to provide reassurance to pilgrims, alleviating concerns about potential discrepancies in the Hajj fare due to fluctuating exchange rates. With transparency and flexibility at the forefront, NAHCON aims to ensure that the journey of Hajj remains accessible and equitable for all.

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