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Nigeria: Enough is enough Please Secure North

Nigeria: Enough is enough Please Secure North

By Comrade Auwal Gombe

By understanding the Nature of Insecurity in Nigeria, particularly the Northern part of the Country is quite disgusting.

People are living in terrible menace and Economic problems as a result of Insecurity, Many people are migrating from their respective communities to another, some are dying’ all as a result of insecurity in the Northern NIGERIA.

The decadence of security is too much in Nigeria especially the Northern part of the country, People of different ecology are suffering as result of Boko Haram, Banditry, Kidnapping, Communal crisis and REGIONAL crisis.

All this mention above are the serious insecurity issues that’s disturbing Nigerians in day to day activities.

The Northern Leaders need to remember that they also belong to North and it seems like they don’t know what is happening in their various communities. Northern Leaders need to take crucial action on what’s currently happening in Nigeria.

Considering what is happening in other states where both the leadership and followership are trying on securing their social problem.

If the country is battling with security imbroglios, that particular country will not be stable, because issue of security is the first priority to every country around the globe.

The issue of communal crisis now had taken a new dimension in our country. Also the kidnapping is had become a headline/story of many Newspapers in Nigeria

People are dying in a broad daylight. Kidnapping had become a lucrative business in Nigeria that’s why many people became kidnappers because of its profitability and lack of possible Actions from the Government/leaders.

The lack of attention and taking responsibilities from people of the particular environment is also fuelling the menace. Many people are living in trauma as a result of kidnappings in various communities In the Northern part of the country.

Our leaders need to awaken from their deep sleeping and do the needful before it gets too late. If this issue of kidnapping reach it highest peak everyone in the society will become a victim because kidnappers always select/chooses those who have something to pay a high Ransom.

If we consider this our leaders need to tackle it, and ends this issue of kidnapping and insecurity in Nigeria particularly in Northern part of the country.

I would suggest that our leaders should use a Massive investment in Education, Provision of social amenities, Creation of state, regional and community policing, Creation of special courts that deal with crimes as well as Prudent and God fearing leadership as some ways and solutions to the issue of insecurity in the northern Nigeria.

With the above mentioned panacea, I believe the northern part of the country shall be peaceful.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

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