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Nigerian Navy Spearheads Collaborative Effort to Tackle Maritime Threats

Nigerian Navy Spearheads Collaborative Effort to Tackle Maritime Threats

Nigerian Navy Spearheads Collaborative Effort to Tackle Maritime Threats

In a bid to combat security challenges plaguing Nigeria’s maritime sector, the Nigerian Navy has embarked on a comprehensive strategy emphasizing collaboration with various stakeholders.

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At a recent gathering convened at Naval Headquarters in Abuja, Vice Admiral Emmanuel Ogalla, Chief of Naval Staff, underscored the imperative of a holistic approach to national security, particularly in safeguarding maritime interests.

“The Navy recognizes the indispensable role of collective efforts in fostering a conducive environment for economic growth,” Vice Admiral Ogalla stated. “We cannot solely rely on the military; it necessitates the involvement of all stakeholders.”

Acknowledging the indispensable support of maritime stakeholders, Ogalla highlighted the Navy’s concerted efforts over the past sixty-seven months. These efforts have focused on enhancing maritime security, curbing oil theft, and promoting economic prosperity through strategic operations and policy implementations.

The meeting, attended by key maritime players, aims to address critical concerns, strengthen partnerships, and streamline operational procedures for optimal utilization of the maritime environment. Rear Admiral Joseph Akpan, Chief of Policy and Plans, emphasized the significance of feedback mechanisms to improve performance and foster socio-economic development.

“We aim to cultivate a civilized maritime environment conducive to economic growth,” Rear Admiral Akpan affirmed. “This dialogue underscores our commitment to engaging stakeholders and enhancing operational efficiency.”

Vice Admiral Ogalla reiterated the Nigerian Navy’s commitment to creating an enabling environment for legitimate maritime activities while expressing confidence in the collaborative efforts to safeguard the nation’s maritime domain.

With unwavering support from President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and a shared vision for national development, the Nigerian Navy remains steadfast in its mission to protect Nigeria’s blue economy and uphold maritime security.

As the meeting progresses, stakeholders are poised to chart a course that promotes synergy, mutual trust, and collective action towards realizing Nigeria’s maritime potential and fostering sustainable growth.

Nigerian Navy Spearheads Collaborative Effort to Tackle Maritime Threats

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