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Oodua Youth Parliament condemns agitation for break-up, pledges support for united Nigeria

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Oodua Youth Parliament condemns agitation for break-up, pledges support for united Nigeria

Oodua Youth Parliament has condemned all forms of agitations in the South West to break up Nigeria as they pledge allegiance to a united Nigeria.

Hon. Abdulmajeed Oyeniyi, the Speaker of the Parliament stated this in an interview with newsmen in Gombe on Wednesday.

Oyeniyi said they were in the state to confer the award of ‘Mayegun of Oodua Youth’ on the Secretary to the Gombe State Government, Prof Ibrahim Njodi for his role in promoting peace and youth development.

The Oodua youth leader said any country that believes in development and progress must embrace peace.

“We as a pressure group condemn anything that will not bring peace to Nigeria,” he said adding “our fore-fathers, Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Ahmadu Bello believe in peace and the unity of Nigeria.

He added that such ideology must be maintained by Nigerians as the solution to sustaining the aspirations of the founding fathers.

“We must go back to that path and be advocate of peace.

“Those agitating for a country, what resources do they have on the ground to demand for a country?, he questioned.
He added “we must manage ourselves through dialogue to resolve our challenges and find solutions to move Nigeria forward.

“ We are not in support of Sunday Igboho’s agitation to divide the nation by demanding for Oodua nation. Let’s sit and discuss issues that affect insecurity in our country; that’s our position.

“ Nigeria is one; they cannot divide the country no matter the agitation. Our leaders must come together to settle the issues to get Nigeria on her toes again, he stated.

The speaker appealed to youths involved in any forms of agitations in any part of the country to embrace peace and unity to ensure the progress of the country.

On his part, the SSG of Gombe state, Prof Njodi who thanked the youth for the award said it was heartwarming to see youths talking about peace.

According to him, the most important thing in the country now was for youths to advocate and embrace peace because “ the country belongs to them. If they destroy it where lies the hope?.

“While the elders are showing bitterness you (Nigerian youths) have brought water to douse the tension.

“I am happy, If I should die today, I will die with a smile on my face because the youth, you are doing what is needed.

“After 51 years of fighting a worthless, needless war, we should have forgotten, buried that hatchet. Sadly, some people want to bring back bad memory.”

On his part, Mr Chidebelu Ewuzie, the Special Adviser to Gov Inuwa Yahaya of Gombe state on Inter-Community Relations said peace remained the best option for progress.

Ewuzie said “Nigeria is not going anywhere. The fight for a united nation is a fight for everyone.

“We have one world, one nation, one God, one heaven and one hell; so why are we fighting one another?

“The situation we are in now in the country cannot be repaired until we call ourselves to order,” he said.

Oodua Youth Parliament condemns agitation for break-up, pledges support for united Nigeria

  1. Ayinde says

    Which one is Odua youth Parliament given award in Gombe! Wonder shall never end. Fraud set up by the Fulani’s. Let them show up here and see how Odua youth will used them for sacrifice

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