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PMB: Victim of the hopeless Hankky-Panky by hackers, political hippies


PMB: Victim of the hopeless Hankky-Panky by hackers, political hippies

By Bala Ibrahim

The 29 of May 2019, stands with a difference in the history of Nigeria, because that was the day President Muhammdu Buhari, PMB, the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, was sworn in as the President of Nigeria for the second term, after he polled over 15 million votes, to beat former Vice President Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, who polled just a little above 11 million votes.

But that is not the major backstop about the immense importance of the day. Prior to that day, there was a lot of anxiety over the collation of votes, resulting in apprehension and rumpus, regarding the management of data by the Independent Electoral Commission, INEC.

The presidential campaign office of the ruling party, APC, through the spokesman of the then Buhari campaign organization, now a minister, Festus Keyamo, SAN, petitioned the Department of State Services, DSS, and the police, asking them to investigate the leaders of PDP, over alleged hacking of the server of INEC. The APC accused PDP of having access to INEC server and was planning to corrupt the server with it’s doctored version of the presidential campaign results.

The APC and the PMB supporters, inclusing yours truly, hinged their suspicion on the insistence of PDP, to stampede PMB to sign the 2018 Electoral Act, which provided for automatic transmission of results, despite the shortness of time to the election.

Our collective clairvoyance or intuition was that, the PDP had imported hackers, some even gave names from Kenya, to tamper with the results in order to install Atiku Abubakar as President, by force or by fire.

I became bemused, because, even though I am familiar with the hanky-panky of hackers, such abracadabra by political hippies is alien to me. It is something unconventional in the history of releasing results in Nigeria.

By convention, hippies are people of unconventional appearances, that move around with jeans and long hair, and adopt a sub-culture that rejects conventional values, including the taking of substances that can induce hallucinations. So I asked, have our politicians graduated to political hippies, by importing unconventional methods of rigging elections, just to beat PMB?

That thought was accentuated this morning, when I received a severally circulated message from a friend, and an ardent supporter of Atiku Abubakar, captioned: THE 419 QUOTES THAT TRICKED NIGERIANS IN 2015:

My mind quickly went to an old colloquial adage in hausa, that says, “wayon aci, an kori kare daga gindin d’inya”. The simple English interpretation of the dictum is, the dog was driven away from the tree hanging the black plum, under the subterfuge of eating the fruit. D’inya is the hausa name for black plum fruit, or Uchakoeo in Ibo, while the Yoruba’s call it Oori- nla, I suppose.

Certainly the opposition PDP is bent on poisoning the minds of the electorates, through all manner of campaign of calumny, including, as alleged, the importation of terrorists and bandits, in order to turn the people against PMB, and by extension the APC, come 2023.

The evidently well circulated text message reads:

Shine your eyes this time and be wise!


*”A serious government will fix power problem in six months.” – Babatunde Raji Fashola (November 12, 2014)*

*”Stone us [APC] if we do not perform after two years.” – Tony Momoh ( April 3, 2016, The Guardian)*
*”The only way to have stable electricity is to vote out PDP.” – Babatunde Raji Fashola (July 12, 2014, The Nation)*

*”We seriously frown at President Goodluck Jonathan, over the unceremonious removal of the Group Managing Director of NNPC, Mr Andrew Yakubu.” -(APC, August 4, 2014, Channels TV)*

*”It’s Time To Restructure Nigeria: The present situation of things where all component units get monthly allocation from the Federal Government only makes the states lazy and unproductive.” – Nasiru El-Rufai (August 2010)*

*”Jonathan should resign if he has no solution to the violence being unleashed on some parts of the country.” – Nasiru El-Rufai (August 2012)*

*”The only solution to the present political uncertainty in the country is for the National Assembly to set machineries in motion for the impeachment of ailing President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua.” – Muhammadu Buhari (March 10, 2010, Sun Newspapers)*

*”Waste: Let me give an instance, presently, there are more than 6 aircraft in the presidential fleet. What do you call that? “Billions of naira is budgeted every year for the maintenance of these aircraft not to talk of operational cost and other expenses.” – Muhammadu Buhari (February 2015, Nigerians in UK)*
*”We intend for instance, to bring back our National carrier, the Nigerian Airways. We shall do this by bringing all the aircraft in the presidential fleet into the Nigerian airway and within a year increase the fleet into about 20.” -Muhammadu Buhari (February 2015, Nigerians in UK)*

*”Why do I need to embark on a foreign trip as a president with a huge crowd with public funds?*
*”Why do I need to go for foreign medical trip if we cannot make our hospital functional?” – Muhammadu Buhari (February 2015, Nigerians in UK)*

*”Why is the nation?s currency, the Naira, now trading for N180 per Dollar, while the South African Rand is trading at R11 to one United States Dollar?” – Babatunde Raji Fashola (Dec 26, 2014, The Nation)*

*”Give Nigerians a daily update on the health of President Umaru Yar’Adua to stem the growing rumours surrounding his state of health.” – Lai Mohammed (December 21, 2009, The Nation)*
*”Amaechi is not only clean but a tool to free Nigeria from the corruption imposed on us by those who hate our nation.” – APC (October 24, 2016, Vanguard)*

*”The recent proscription of Boko Haram and Ansaru violates the Constitution.” – Lai Mohammed (June 10, 2013, The Nation*

Be careful of what you say today because of tomorrow…….

Let’s not be fooled again, It’s time to *TAKE IT BACK*

While I cannot assert or confirm the authenticity of some of the quotes, especially where they quoted PMB saying, “Why do I need to go for foreign medical trip if we cannot make our hospital functional,” I make bold to say, APC under PMB has done well, and the nation has witnessed infrastructural improvements.

The critics may say whatever they wish to say, but Buhari has done things too many to outline in a response article like this, two of which are in Policy Development and Implementation, starting with the establishment of new Ministries, including Police Affairs and Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development.

Buhari also changed the Budget Implementation cycle, by successfully restoring the January-to-December Calendar.

Yes, the security challenge has mutated to something else, but that is not reason enough for PDP to have the dream of taking back the government.

TAKE IT BACK?, the Hausa man would say, “wayon aci ne”, because it’s nothing but the hanky-panky of hopeless political hippies, who are trying to make a victim out of PMB.

PMB: Victim of the hopeless Hankky-Panky by hackers, political hippies

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