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Prof. Ikibe: Music can help plants grow well

Prof. Ikibe: Music can help plants grow well

By Eloyi Matthew

Prof. Solomon Ikibe of the Department of Performing Arts, University of Ilorin, on Friday said that music could influence plants to grow well.

Ikibe made the assertion in a paper he presented at the 203rd Inaugural lecture of the institution. The paper was entitled: “So It’s Sol in Music, As Man Uses Science in Communication”.

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According to him, research has shown that any sound has the ability to stimulate plants’ growth.

The music expert further explained that the same research had shown that while music helped plants to grow, it was not more effective than non-musical sounds.

“In other words, plants don’t distinguish between music and other sounds. However, music does help plants grow.

“While we do not doubt the place of good nutrients in the soil for plants to grow, it has also been discovered that by playing pre-recorded soft instrumental music around plantations, it induces such plants to grow faster and yield more fruits,” he said.

Speaking further on the benefits of music, the don stated that it was important for the peace and development of any society, adding that it had been known to serve as a unifying factor to conflicts.

Prof. Ikibe: Music can help plants grow well

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