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NBMA Clears the Air on TELA Mailze, Assures of Safety, Efficacy

NBMA Clears the Air on TELA Mailze, Assures of Safety, Efficacy

The National Biosafety Management Agency (NBMA) has put to rest concerns over the safety of TELA Maize, a genetically modified crop recently approved for cultivation in Nigeria. In a statement, the agency assured Nigerians that TELA Maize poses no risk to human health and the environment.

According to the agency, thorough risk assessments and analyses were conducted to ensure the crop’s safety. The approval was based on scientific evidence and international best practices, certifying TELA Maize as safe as its organic or conventional counterpart.

NBMA debunked claims that TELA Maize contains insecticides or pesticides, explaining that it was developed by Nigerian scientists to boost productivity and reduce pesticide use. The agency emphasized that the crop’s development and approval followed strict guidelines and regulations to ensure safety and efficacy.

The agency’s statement read, “We understand the concerns and misinformation circulating about TELA Maize. We want to assure Nigerians that our agency has conducted rigorous evaluations and risk assessments to ensure the crop’s safety. We are committed to transparency, safety, and unbiased decision-making regarding GMOs.”

The approval of TELA Maize is seen as a significant step towards addressing food security and sustainable agriculture in Nigeria. The crop’s improved yield and drought tolerance are expected to benefit farmers and consumers alike.

With this assurance, Nigerians can confidently adopt TELA Maize as a safe and sustainable solution for food security and sustainable agriculture. The agency’s commitment to safety and transparency has helped to address concerns and build trust in the regulatory process.

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