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Senator Prince Bassey Edet Otu, is a seasoned politician, farmer banker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

OurNigeria News Magazine Politician of the Year Award, 2021.

APC, Cross River State Gubernatorial candidate, for 2023 general elections.

The Proverbial Goldfish.

In what seems like a leap into the future and the exposition of the political pedigree of Senator Prince Bassey Otu’s political fortunes and his unique personality, Senator Bassey Otu was in January 28th honoured with the Politician of the Year award by OurNigeria Media publishing firm, a reputable media firm in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja for his exceptional performance and consistency as a politician.

In the words of the publisher, he said, after a careful examination of the antecedents and the political milestones of Distinguished Senator Bassey Edet Otu, he is to be bestowed with the Politician of the Year Award for practically demonstrating that he is a leader who feels the pulse of the people and is concerned with their aspirations. He further said this is simply a way of saying that society recognizes and appreciates all he does for humanity as a political player.


Senator Otu whose political philosophy is anchored on service to humanity and whose brand of politics has always been defined by inclusiveness, kindness, accessibility to the people and most importantly, his inclination to advancing the dignity of the human person, came in handy when the national search for the recipient of the award was done.

The event which was well attended amidst pomp and pageantry attracted the cream de la cream of the society, men from all walks of life, including the military top brass, both serving and retired, captains of industries, politicians, religious and traditional rulers, and of course the media, the fourth estate of the realm, all converged to witness the epoch-making event.

Dr Abubakar Mohammed, publisher of OurNigeria News Magazine at the event succinctly opined while referring to Senator Otu “His brand of politics is exactly what Nigeria needs, politics without animosity, or deep-rooted angst or hate. Politics of empowerment and development for the common man on the street.”

The OurNigeria News awards is an annual event organized by OurNigeria News Magazine which was set up in 2019. The 2021 edition which saw Senator Otu receive the award of a Politician of the Year was chaired by Major General Ibrahim Bata Malgwi Haruna(Rtd), while Nigeria’s envoy to the Benin Republic, Ambassador TY Buratai was the special guest of honour.

The award featured presentations to prominent individuals who have distinguished themselves in different areas especially their effort in peace-building, endangering peaceful, mutual and cordial coexistence and the advancement of core democratic principles, of course with emphasis on livelihood and humanity.

The choice of Senator Otu for the award was greeted with great excitement from across the broad spectrum of society for truly, he is that goldfish who does not have a hiding place.

The board via the instrumentality of feedback from the masses, questionnaires and recommendations, deliberately took into cognizance and in its choice was more concerned with identifying personalities who have in their different endeavours added value to human systems, particularly democratic evolutions.

Of course, to say that Senator Bassey Edet Otu is the people’s man is reiterating the obvious, as encapsulated in his socio-political philosophy,
Senator Bassey Otu remains a man of class who however does not elevate class or social strata, this invariably inter alia is the reason why OurNigeria News Magazine honoured him with such a dignifying award, as the Politician of the Year, 2022.

For Senator Otu, in his socio-political calculations and dynamics, the accidental qualities of existence make no sense to him, he is more inclined to advancing and promoting human ideals, and he is exceptionally inclined toward values, character, content, capacity, and credibility.

That Senator Otu was singled out for such an award shows amongst other things that truly he is a man who enjoys tremendous socio-political goodwill from the testimonies the board received ab initio.

The award that was bestowed on Distinguished Senator Otu, popularly referred to as ‘Sweet Prince’ was well deserved, considering his track records, pedigree and commendations that greeted the awards. Otu’s award is one award that received wide acceptance and commendation both national and internationally and in different circles.

Speaking at the event of the award, Sen. Otu averred the need for leaders to be deliberate about bridging the class gap. He advocated for an egalitarian system where there is less emphasis on class, to reduce tension and strive.
He further dedicated the award to all who love humanity and have promoted good governance. He promised to always stand with the people and to continuously be the man they can trust.

Today by the Grace of God, the people’s love for effective and quality representation, the robust and genuine advocacy of compatriots and the acceptance of party leadership, Senator Otu is the irreplaceable, unarguable undefeated gubernatorial candidate of the All progressives Congress(APC) Cross River State after a primary election he roundly defeated other aspirants of which he remains magnanimous in such victory, as in his usual disposition, he believes in togetherness and complementarity.

Sen. Otu is ready to defeat any candidate(s) from other political establishments, he is unperturbed and unabashed because he knows he is disposed of as always to hold in trust for the people their mandate and the people are most comfortable with his representation having been tested.

Senator Otu remains the face of hope for the young people, he remains the rallying point for conservatives and progressives and invariably the point of convergence for the different political establishments, hence he enjoys tremendous socio-political goodwill across party lines.

It’s also instructive to posit that Senator Otu is not one politician who needs encomiums or validation to act or display his innate traits of kindness and show of empathy, for him, he is driven by the desire to serve and so the award by OurNigeria News Magazine albeit deserving got to him as a surprise.

Senator Otu as the OurNigeria Politician of the Year remains a personality we will continuously promote as an establishment, for he has so much to give back to society, in terms of good leadership. He remains a pillar of democracy and as we leapfrog into 2023, we urge all Crossriverians and residents to get registered and be prepared to vote for the friend of the masses, for the good of all.

Vox populi,Vox Dei.

Thank you Dr Abubakar Mohammed Sani.
Publisher, OurNigeria News Magazine.

God bless Senator Bassey Edet Otu.
God bless Crossriverians.


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