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Safeguarding National Assets: Gen. Lagbaja Calls for Citizen Involvement (Photos)

Safeguarding National Assets: Gen. Lagbaja Calls for Citizen Involvement (Photos)

Safeguarding National Assets: Gen. Lagbaja Calls for Citizen Involvement (Photos)

In a compelling Graduation Lecture held on October 3, 2023, at the Army War College Nigeria (AWCN), Lieutenant General Taoreed Lagbaja, the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), advocated for the crucial involvement of citizens in protecting critical national assets.

The lecture, organized to mark the graduation of participants of Army War College Nigeria Course 7/23, served as a platform for Gen. Lagbaja to underline the pivotal role of the citizenry in ensuring the security and preservation of the nation’s essential resources and national wealth.

Gen. Lagbaja stated emphatically, “The People are the first protectors of critical national assets.” His words underscored the indispensable role citizens play in safeguarding these assets and echoed a clarion call for heightened public awareness and engagement.

The COAS further emphasized the necessity for a robust response mechanism to safeguard Nigeria’s vital national assets and infrastructure. He stressed that the government should allocate increased resources to fortify the capability of security forces in protecting these assets effectively.

“Protection of critical national assets demands a well-equipped and responsive security apparatus,” articulated the COAS. He added that the nation must invest in combat enablers to enhance troops’ capability to swiftly and effectively respond to threats.

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The distinguished lecture, attended by personalities from the security, public, and private sectors, featured former Minister of Interior and former Chief of Army Staff Lieutenant General Abdulrahman Dambazau (Rtd) as the Guest Speaker. Gen. Dambazau delivered a lecture titled “Coordinating Mechanism for Effective Protection of Critical National Assets and Infrastructure in Nigeria.” During his address, he provided insight into the significance of well-organized strategies for preserving vital national assets. Gen. Dambazau emphasized the importance of a well-coordinated approach to ensuring the protection of these assets, considering their immense significance to the nation’s security, stability, and progress.

In his closing remarks, Major General Ishaya Maina, the Commandant of AWCN, revealed that the objective of the lecture is to inspire AWCN participants to engage in research efforts that will yield enduring solutions to threats against key national assets.

Safeguarding National Assets: Gen. Lagbaja Calls for Citizen Involvement (Photos)

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