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Sen Bassey Edet out: flashlights and scorecard (NASS 2oo3-2011 and 2011-2015.

Sen Bassey Edet out: flashlights and scorecard (NASS 2oo3-2011 and 2011-2015.


Senator Bassey Edet Otu, often known as Sweet Prince, is a potent brand in Cross River State and Nigeria’s political landscape. His name reverberates across the entire state of Cross River. The name Sweet Prince vibrates with a thunderous quake from the hills of Obanliku through the forest of Boki and the mountains of Akamkpa via the swamps of Bakassi.

Senator Bassey Otu was a well-known public servant with a long list of accomplishments. He grew up under the heavenly guidance of his missionary schooling parents, who instilled in him the characteristics that make him so popular today. After completing his primary and secondary education, Prince Otu went on to the University of Calabar where he obtain a bachelor’s degree in sociology.

“Until a man shifts from the narrow constraints of his individualistic interest to a greater concern for humanity, he has not begun to live,” said  Martin Luther King Jr.   Senator Otu’s sociopolitical philosophy and ideology are captured clearly in this classic and philosophical quote by Martin Luther King Jr. The above comment encapsulates who Sen Otu is and what he truly represents.

Senator Bassey Edet Otu is a politician par excellence, a remarkable figure whose tenure in parliament saw great leaps forward. He is said to have proposed key measures in the maritime industry, as well as banking and other financial organizations that had a substantial economic impact. He redefined leadership and established a standard that others are still striving to match.

Senator Bassey, served in the green chamber representing the people of Odukpani and Calabar municipality, was later elected to the Senate to represent the people of the southern senatorial district from 2011 to 2015. He has an unrivalled track record in terms of enacting legislation, overseeing constituent projects, and empowering his constituents (welfarism). “Prince Otu is a good man,” is a saying heard throughout Cross River State. So, what else is there to say? Senator Bassey Otu is accurately defined by the expression “Senator Otu is a good man,” which we hear all the time. As tough as governance has gotten, and as despairing as the masses have grown, we are nevertheless presented with one man’s unwavering friendliness and friendly gestures at all times and in all places.

Senator Otu is credited with leaving indelible imprints on lawmaking in the areas of petroleum upstream, national population, power, the Niger Delta, inter-parliamentary relations, the environment, water resources, and defense.

Senator Bassey Otu is renowned in Cross River State as the “Father of Empowerment.” He is credited with awakening the public’s consciousness to hold their leaders accountable and promoting welfare politics.

Senator Otu’s empowerment includes surveyed property plots with Certificates of Occupancy, vehicles, tricycles, grinding machines, deep freezers, sewing machines, classroom blocks in schools, computer laboratories in schools, solar water projects, erosion management, and road grading, among other things.

Senator is a man of great social and political goodwill, which is why he is adored by people of all faiths and ethnicities.

Sen Otu is a symbol of hope for ordinary people since he is a man who believes in humanity.

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