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A Year of Impact: Hon. Pst Ojotu Ojema’s Transformative Journey in Apa/Agatu Federal Constituency

A Year of Impact: Hon. Pst Ojotu Ojema’s Transformative Journey in Apa/Agatu Federal Constituency

By Matthew Eloyi

In the history of Nigerian politics, few first-term lawmakers have made as significant an impact as Hon. Pst Ojotu Ojema. Since assuming office on June 13, 2023, as the representative of Apa/Agatu Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Ojema has demonstrated a blend of commitment, compassion, and proactive leadership that has brought tangible benefits to his constituents. Here’s a comprehensive look at his remarkable journey over the past year.


Tackling Insecurity Head-On

Insecurity was the most pressing challenge Ojema faced upon taking office. Rural communities in Apa and Agatu LGAs were plagued by frequent attacks from Fulani herdsmen, resulting in loss of lives and displacement of residents. Ojema’s immediate response to this crisis was both swift and empathetic. On July 1, 2023, he visited the LGEA IDPs Camp in Obagaji, Agatu LGA, providing relief materials to the victims and visiting affected villages to offer support and reassurance.

True to his promise, Ojema raised a Motion of Urgent National Importance at the House plenary on July 4, 2023, drawing national attention to the attacks and urging the Federal Government to intervene. His dedication to his people’s safety saw him convening multiple security meetings, including an emergency session with heads of security agencies on January 21, 2024, and a significant stakeholder meeting at the Och’Idoma Palace in May 2024. His advocacy extended to interfacing with military and naval leaders, pushing for the establishment of operational bases in the affected areas to bolster security.

Ojema’s persistent efforts culminated in the facilitation of a crucial project through the National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA) for a Jetty Terminal at Ocholonya Waterway. Set to aid in combating insecurity and improving transportation for riverine communities, the project is a testament to Ojema’s innovative approach to problem-solving.


Legislative Excellence

Ojema’s legislative prowess has been evident from his early days in office. His first motion on July 4, 2023, highlighted the urgent need to address the herdsmen attacks in Apa and Agatu. He followed this with another motion on July 26, 2023, addressing the perennial issue of erosion and flooding in the constituency. His call to the Federal Government resulted in the dispatch of environmental experts to assess and mitigate the problem.

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A staunch advocate for workers’ rights, Ojema stood firm during a House plenary on November 15, 2023, supporting the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) during a strike and urging dialogue over confrontation. His principled stance not only resolved the immediate crisis but also underscored his commitment to social justice.


Infrastructure and Empowerment

Ojema has been instrumental in spearheading several infrastructure projects aimed at improving the lives of his constituents. The construction and asphalting of the Ogwule-Engila road in Agatu LGA, ongoing road projects in Apa and Agatu LGAs, provision of solar-powered lights, and drilling of boreholes are just a few examples of his efforts to develop the region.

Engila-Ogwule Road constructed by the House of Rep member

In a bid to empower his constituents, Ojema distributed 336 sewing machines to women from Apa and Agatu during a family Thanksgiving Service in September 2023. He also provided sewing machines to Head Boys and Head Girls in secondary schools to promote self-reliance among the youth.


Creating Employment Opportunities

Ojema’s tenure has also been marked by his success in facilitating employment opportunities for his constituents. He secured positions for individuals in various federal and state institutions, reflecting his commitment to reducing unemployment and fostering economic stability in his constituency.


Recognitions and Leadership Roles

Despite being a first-term lawmaker, Ojema’s leadership qualities were quickly recognized by his peers. He was appointed as a member of the House Adhoc Committee on Media and Public Affairs on June 15, 2023, and later elevated to Chairman of the House Standing Committee on National Inland Waterways on July 27, 2023. His influence extends across several committees, showcasing his versatility and dedication.


Transparency and Accountability

Ojema’s dedication to transparency and accountability is evident in his regular constituency briefings. He keeps his constituents informed about his activities, plans, and achievements, ensuring they are fully aware of his stewardship.

In conclusion, Hon. Pst Ojotu Ojema’s first year in office has been marked by a series of impactful actions and initiatives that have significantly improved the lives of the people in Apa/Agatu Federal Constituency. His proactive approach to addressing insecurity, legislative effectiveness, infrastructure development, empowerment programs, and employment facilitation has set a high standard for public service. As he continues to champion the cause of his constituents, Ojema’s tenure promises even greater achievements in the years to come.


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