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Leaplings Embrace Uniqueness of Celebrating Birthdays Every Four Years: A Glimpse into Their World

Leaplings Embrace Uniqueness of Celebrating Birthdays Every Four Years: A Glimpse into Their World

By Matthew Eloyi

In a world where birthdays are traditionally celebrated annually, imagine the uniqueness of only marking the occasion once every four years. This is the reality for leaplings, individuals born on February 29, a date that appears on the calendar only during leap years. Intrigued by their distinctive experience, our reporter, Matthew Eloyi had the opportunity to speak with several leaplings who shared their perspectives on this uncommon phenomenon.

Mr. Jerry Adesewo, the Editor-in-Chief of OurNigeria News Magazine, described his journey with his birth date as a blend of emotions. Initially, he confessed to feeling frustrated during his teenage years, even resorting to celebrating on February 14 in some instances. However, as he matured and gained a deeper understanding of the rarity of his birthday, his perspective shifted. Embracing his uniqueness as one of only approximately 5 million leaplings worldwide, Adesewo now anticipates his birthday every four years with enthusiasm. He even revealed plans, albeit hindered by funding challenges, to join fellow leaplings in Miami for a global celebration.

Mr. Jerry Adesewo, the Editor-in-Chief of OurNigeria News Magazine


Princess Oluseyi Oladele echoed Jerry’s sentiments, emphasizing the exclusivity of being a leapling. As a member of the Honour Society of Leap Day Babies, an international community of leaplings, she cherishes the camaraderie shared among members. Despite missing this year’s gathering in the Bahamas, Princess Oluseyi remains committed to celebrating her birthday in meaningful ways, including charitable acts in the Federal Capital Territory.

Princess Oluseyi Oladele, a leapling.


For Oyegunwa Ayodele, being a leapling is not just a quirk of the calendar but a profound source of gratitude. He views his unique birthday as a testament to divine blessings and protection, eschewing any feelings of deprivation during non-leap years.

Oyegunwa Ayodele, a leapling.


Adebiyi Opeyemi Joseph emphasized the specialness of being born on such a rare date, relishing the anticipation of a birthday celebration every four years. Despite occasional feelings of being overlooked by organizations during non-leap years, Joseph finds solace in the exceptional nature of the gifts received when his birthday does arrive.

Adebiyi Opeyemi Joseph, a leapling.


On her part, Dike Melody expressed pride in her leapling status, viewing it as a symbol of uniqueness and success. Contrary to societal misconceptions, she finds joy in celebrating her birthday every four years, attributing her optimism and life’s smooth trajectory to this singular aspect of her identity.

Dike Melody, a leapling.


Benjamin Nonyelum summed up the sentiment succinctly, describing the experience as thrilling and imbued with a sense of speciality.

Benjamin Nonyelum, a leapling.


Though there is no official record of such but there must be no less than a hundred thousand or more leaplings in Nigeria alone. It is worth noting that Korede Bello, a Nigerian singer and songwriter who is best known for his hit single “Godwin”, was also born on this day in 1996.

Korede Bello, a Nigerian singer and songwriter, also a leapling.


These leaplings’ accounts offer a glimpse into a lifestyle marked by patience, gratitude, and a celebration of individuality. Despite societal norms dictating annual birthday festivities, these individuals embrace their once-in-four-years milestone with pride and appreciation, finding beauty in the rarity of their existence. As we navigate the calendar year, let us remember the leaplings among us, whose birthdays may be less frequent but are undoubtedly imbued with a special significance all their own.

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