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NAHCON Announces New Developments for 2024 Hajj, Urges Prompt Action from Stakeholders

NAHCON Announces New Developments for 2024 Hajj, Urges Prompt Action from Stakeholders

Jerry Adesewo

The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) has released crucial updates regarding the arrangements for the 2024 Hajj pilgrimage, addressing the challenges faced and outlining necessary actions for stakeholders.

In a statement issued by Assistant Director of Public Affairs, Fatima Sanda Usara, NAHCON expressed appreciation for the understanding and support received amid the complexities surrounding the Hajj fare dilemma.

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Acknowledging the strict timeline set by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah for preparations, NAHCON highlighted the unfortunate delay in Hajj fare remittances, leading to adjustments and subsequent challenges. Despite interventions by the Federal Government to mitigate the impact of unforeseen increases in Hajj costs, NAHCON faced the dilemma of accommodating affected pilgrims who had already paid the fixed fare.

In response to the evolving situation, NAHCON explored various options, including urging state governments and individuals to intervene on behalf of their pilgrims. The Commission underscored the importance of prompt action from stakeholders to address the urgent needs arising from the situation.

The latest development entails pilgrims paying a balance of N1,918,032.91 to accommodate the fluctuating foreign exchange rates, with a deadline set for March 28, 2024. Additionally, NAHCON provided a breakdown of the number of pilgrims affected by the intervention, categorised by states.

Furthermore, NAHCON announced adjusted Hajj fares for new registrations, emphasising the need for prompt payments within the specified deadline. The Commission also noted the stern warning from the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah regarding adherence to the Hajj arrangement framework, urging stakeholders to act swiftly.

For those opting to withdraw their registration, NAHCON advised formal requests for refunds, which will be processed accordingly. The Commission emphasised the critical nature of the next few days for stakeholders to ensure smooth arrangements for the 2024 Hajj pilgrimage.

Despite the challenges, NAHCON reiterated its commitment to facilitating a seamless pilgrimage experience for Nigerian Muslims and called for cooperation from all parties involved.





NAHCON Announces New Developments for 2024 Hajj, Urges Prompt Action from Stakeholders

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