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Politicians are the major causes of Nigeria’s problem, not pastors – Bamilaw

Politicians are the major causes of Nigeria’s problem, not pastors – Bamilaw

By Richard Akintade, Osogbo

A Christian Cleric, Apostle Lawrence Bamilaw has attributed the current problem confronting Nigeria to the ugly performance of political officeholders, adding that men of God should be spared of any wrongdoings in the country.

Speaking with journalists in Osogbo to herald the 2023 African 24-hour marathon praise conveyed by the Apostolic Grace Network, Apostle Bamilaw said the Church employed more Nigerians than the government.

He added that allocation that should be improving the lots of Nigerians is being embezzled by political office holders in the country, leaving the Church to cater for the needs of the populace.

“Of course, there are more churches in Nigeria than in many countries, but we still need more because the church is Nigeria’s saving grace.

“The Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, employed thousands of people without owing them salary monthly, same for Winners’ Chapel and many other churches, the government need to learn from these organisations.

“The Redemption City powered itself without power outage year round, yet, people blamed Nigeria’s problem on proliferation of the Church. For me, we even need more organized Churches to teach government how to cater for the masses”, he said.

Speaking on social vices in society, he claimed that traditionalists were backing internet fraudsters, popularly known as ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ boys, to perpetrate evil against humanity.

In his words, “They (fraudsters) consult them for fetish charms to hypnotise their victims and they are getting desired results.

“White men that are been defrauded every day by Internet fraudsters are not fools, they are charmed by these boys and they start sending money to Nigeria. These fraudsters have robbed people of their earned money without conscience.

“The backing that these fraudsters received from traditionalists is not helping our youths in any way rather it is destroying their lives.

“The assurance that they will get results from traditionalists is even promoting social vices because they will do ritual killings among others.”

Bamilaw, however, lamented that religious centres will not query these youths when they drop money from proceeds of fraud as tithe, offering and zakat.

He admonished traditional rulers to dissuade and discourage traditionalists from giving backing to fraudsters.

Politicians are the major causes of Nigeria’s problem, not pastors – Bamilaw

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