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Bishop charges youth on chastity before marriage

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Bishop charges youth on chastity before marriage

Bishop Charles Igahele of the Holy Spirit Mission, on Sunday, charged youths on chastity before marriage.

Igahele gave the charge while officiating the wedding between his son, Pastor Charles and Dr Clementina Agbate, at the church premises in Ikeja, Lagos.

He extolled the virtue of chastity for youths until marriage.

According to him, purity of the body before marriage is an essential ingredient that bond couples.

He said that the couple was happy for having persevered to the end.

Igahele said that the ability to keep themselves for each other before the union would engender mutual trust.

Igahele described chastity as a veil that protects unmarried youths from the uncertainty of the youthful period.

He urged parents to instil the fear of God in their children in order to keep their pride till the appointed time.

“Purity of youth draws one closer to God and gives one spiritually vintage position to hear from God for the direction that is most needed during the youth period.

“Chastity as a protective veil makes the youth to be focused in life and plan without encumbrances capable of derailing the future-planning stage characterised by uncertainty,” he said.

Also speaking, Archbishop John Osa-Oni of Vineyard Christain Mission, Lagos, told the couple to be resolute in their faith in God to ensure a blissful marriage.

The archbishop said that the robe of trust for each other in a marriage aids the union to be without much trouble that could see the end of the union.

“Bonding in a marriage requires constant service to make it adhesive and should be maintained by couples to make marriages work.

“With a myriad of social deformities and hard times that seem to threaten family life in the contemporary world; husband and wife should identify such trappings that make their union romantic and stick to those to make their union worthy,” he said.

Bishop Bola Arinola of SOPI Church, Lagos, said that marriage, as instituted by God, should remain a blessing to society and not one characterised by uncertainty.

Arinola decried the challenges that threatened marriages in society.

He said that people should pray without ceasing to remain on track.

Responding, the couple said that their union was made in heaven, having been tutored by parents that understood the place of discipline and love in a child’s character pruning.

Bishop charges youth on chastity before marriage

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