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Our security institutions are capable of fighting terrorism, says security expert

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Our security institutions are capable of  fighting  terrorism, says security expert

A security expert, on Wednesday, said that he was confident that the nation’s security institutions were capable of fighting terrorism and curbing insecurity.

The expert said that the nation’s security institutions were capable enough but they just needed to be equipped and motivated.

“And to motivate our security personnel across the nation, PrimeAlert thought it wise to introduce the burglar alarm and the fire routers to enhance swift responses in emergency situations.

“This effective security solution, with the introduction of the alarm device, will help to revamp, save and rescue lives and properties through the use of technology.

“This will improve response time by the Nigerian Police Force, the Lagos Neighborhood Safety Corps (LNSC), the  Federal Fire Service among other relevant security agencies and first responders during emergencies,” he said.

Nwulu said that he would like to synergize with other security agencies in curbing the rising insecurity, fire outbreaks, rape, robbery, and burglary across the country by leveraging the use of technology.

He said that the outfit had also partnered with security agencies to ensure timely response to emergency situations.

“PrimeAlert has a 24-hour, seven-day monitoring center that is  efficient, responsive, and available for emergency situations.”

He said that with such modern technology at the disposal of his security outfit, it would be able to nib in the bud any insecurity that might rear its ugly head.

The expert said that its outfit’s routers have the potential to intelligently inform
individuals that have them in their buildings of any fire outbreak while away from home.

“Our product is also useful in keeping you safe and documenting everything that happens in your home as evidence to keep you safe from the negative situations in future,” he said.

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